Back to Reality

“I believe that you’ve created a metaphorical universe in which you can express your darkest fears. In one aspect, yes, I believe in ghosts, but we create them. We haunt ourselves, and sometimes we do such a good job, we lose track of reality.”
— Laurie Halse Anderson (Wintergirls)

Reality. That’s it. It’s harsh, cruel but undeniably beautiful. This is where the memories happen, the good times and unfortunately also the bad. It has emotion, feeling, everything to do about anything.

People can be dreamers, realists, optimists, whatever. Overall, there is still the real world.
People can dream. They may never get famous. Or rich. They may never get married. Or have kids.

What’d do you want? Because there are some people who do get it. Even those who don’t, who is to say they are not happy. Maybe those who got what they wanted aren’t happy because they haven’t appreciated it, they’ve never worked for it and always want more.

It’s what you make it, no matter who you are you need an aspiration. Sure for some it’s easier but you still have to try. It would be even worse thinking what if.
Reality isn’t bad, reality is what you make it.

Now honestly what do you want?
I know this is tacky, but I choose happiness.


  1. Oh that’s just lovely and it’s not tacky at all. ‘Tis the season to be tacky anyway. I wonder why we think of our optimistic nature as tacky, cheesy? I so get it. It’s like we are worried that other people won’t like the happy us because of the naysayers out there. But I think you have a group of us similar people out in blogging land. I am with you all the way and I love this post!

    • Thanks for reading and I’m happy you liked it 😛 I get what you mean whenever I say something like that- I think cliché or tacky (probably because Hollywood rinsed it out), overall I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it- definitely don’t let others get in the way. Thanks for the comment.

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