Books To Love. Forever.

I wanna read a book. I book without vampires. Or werewolves. Or any supernatural reading. I want to read a book that is pure tragic. Tragic because it makes you cry, it makes laugh and it makes you wish that it never ends. A book that ends in tears. A book with a hard, cruel touch of humanity. Because that’s what life is really like. Those are the stories we should read and cherish. Books that are real and sometimes even wish that they aren’t. Books that you can never change but that can change you.

Comment your favourite book below ^_^


  1. that’s why they are called books! too much fantasy and dreamy love stories which don’t exist. my #1 opinion on a really gripping author is Jhon Saul. try any of his books.

    • Thanks. I’ve actually been trying to find books away from the fantasy genre but it is a mission (way too many of them). One brilliant book I read was kite runner. I will definitely try some of Jhon Saul’s books 🙂

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