A Short Post on the Music I Like

“Where our music is welcome
We will play it loud,
Where our music is challenged,
We will play it louder.”- one smart motherfucker

A sudden realisation: I’m not normal.
Okay I knew that.
Everyone in class (minus one) voted to listen to some JT song and, of course, I’m the one who had to be different.
My taste in music is just so out of range to anyone I have ever met before. And it has changed.

I went from the girl who listened to n-dubz. To the girl who stopped listening to music because to her there was no meaning. Now, well let’s start off by saying I found meaning in music again.

I first came across it by coincidence. I heard of My Chemical Romance and when I heard there songs couldn’t help to love it. I found songs that expressed every emotion that I was feeling. It was so raw and so real and also kind of angry. I witnessed the evolution of a spectacular band. (The best thing that happened with this was I spoke to a girl for over an hour about them because I saw she had some kerrang! Magazines with them on the cover. It wasn’t awkward, it was two people who if have nothing else have this one thing in common.)

I then came across Green day, AC/DC, Guns and Roses, Iron Maiden and Metallica. I’m not normal because I was born in the wrong time. I still probably wouldn’t have fit in even in the 70s, but this is my kind of music.
Rock music/ rock and roll music/ rock alternative/ punk rock/ metal. Music that makes you want to pump your fists, bang your head and stick your middle finger to all the people that have a problem with it. Yeah, that’s my music.
Maybe I’m a rocker or maybe I’m just a freak. Really what’s the difference.

Songs to listen to on a sad day (or whenever)

My Chemical Romance- I’m Not Okay
My Chemical Romance- Mama (or any mcr sing)
Green day- American Idiot
Iron Maiden- the Trooper
Metallica- Enter the sandman
Leathermouth- Murder Was the Case They Gave Me
Guns and Roses- Sweet Child o Mine
AC/DC- Thunderstruck
Joan Jett- Bad Reputation
Bob Seger- Old Time Rock and Roll
Panic! At the Disco- This Is Gospel

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  1. Thank you for following! I too feel that I was born in the wrong time, partly for music and partly for fashion. 🙂

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