A Weird Piece of Creative Writing

Creative writing is something in which I am very interested but need a lot of practise in. so I thought I should try one of those challenges. The challenge is I generated 5 random words and I have 15 minutes to write a short piece on it. I think it would be a good idea t do these regularly.The five random words are:


(Note: this started of as a normal piece but as I went on my character was just talking about death and hope, so I apologise in advance.)

Despite the fact of the ongoing funeral, the afternoon was quite brisk and very much alive. The chairs were set out poorly, with no real sense of space. The rows of chairs almost resembled a school assembly instead of the reality. The casket was there to remind the guests of this. It laid at the front, it was closed, of course. Just a standard wooden casket, like anyone else, this person was once a living breathing person but was now just another body in a casket. The guests had a look of regret and sorrow on their faces. The distraught wife clinging to her napkin but consciously hoping her mascara doesnt run. The kids who know were they are but are not affected by the news. The parents who enter looking as white as sheets whilst wondering where the time went.
The staff had straight faces, feeling no obligation towards the man in the casket, but why would they. He would just be another statistic to them.

People meeting up in one space to celebrate the dead seems like a grim thought. However, it doesn’t need to be. Death isn’t happy but it isn’t necessarily sad. The person is gone but it doesn’t diminish the memories we shared and make it less important. Quite the opposite, in fact.

It’s rather weird to think of death like this. A person has left this world and eventually everyone else will too. It’s often says that every humans downfall is death, these people are wrong. A humans downfall is that they fear death. They sit around wondering what it would feel like, what there last words would be. Others embrace death, and it’s for these that there are hope. They don’t crave it nor do they fear it, but this hope in human nature is very much like a drug. It keeps you wanting more and often blinds the addict. However, this hope is much stronger than any narcotic I have ever come across.

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