Conformity’s A Bitch

I never used to be like this
I used to have dreams
My own pathetic bliss
I used to laugh

I wasn’t their perfect little thing
I didn’t wait for someone to save me
Because never did I need saving
I was me

I always was fair
I wore and spoke how I pleased
Even gave them my favourite gesture
When they deserve it

I wasn’t lonely
Even when I was alone
Not everyone loved me
But some people did

I was a normal woman
But I was a little weird
And it is fun
Rocker chick or goth girl

I loved it

I wish for those days back

And I remember how I got here
Their own little experiment
Their own little freak
To test against conformity

To see if I would become one them
I promised I wouldn’t
Never become like them
Or betray all I stood for

Fortunately for them
I failed

Instead I have the bittersweet memories
Of looking at the person I used to be

From my pedestal
Like those I promised never to be

Screaming through my plastic shell
For someone to save me from my own little hell

I’ve turned into their own personal barbie doll

A toy to love and
to leave

I swear that from my fake exterior that I felt a single tear fall