6 Movies Everyone Loves But I Still Hate

This is just my opinion, feel free to disagree.

6. Harry potter

(This is just about the movies not the books).
Okay, everyone thinks I’m a monster for not liking this movie. However, honestly, I do not get the appeal. So a kid, who sleeps in an attic because his parents abandoned him or died, finds out he’s a wizard. Meets a bunch of wizard kid and play Quidditch. That’s really all there is. The rest of the movie is just building a scenes. It is indeed creative but not original and good for Rowling selling her idea for plenty of money. But the movie is such a bore. I love the actors but there is something about this movie. The setting is built well but I don’t really feel like there is a story line. The kids also fit into all the stereotypes; the nerdy kid, the perfect girl and the kid who tries a little too hard. I watched this as a kid and fell asleep in the cinema. The story line just seems to be non existent but the fact that there are magical kids distract people from this fact.

5. Dirty dancing

First off, I really should’ve known this movie is bad when I heard “everyone called me baby”. So, this story is “summer love” where a rich little kid goes to a fancy ass white country club. And initially hates the bad boy but plot twist they fall in love. Who could’ve seen that coming? So Mr. Bad Boy and Baby supposedly love each other but they don’t have a real conversation and when they do it turns into a very cringe worthy sex scene. Ultimately, it’s a story of summer lust where Baby realised her dad isn’t perfect and goes through a minor rebellious streak. No matter how much I love Patrick Swayze not even he could redeem this train wreck of a movie.

4. Hunger games

(Again based purely on the movie because I loved the books)
The production was good but I can’t say much else nice. The movie relied too much on fans who read the books, the person I went to watch it with left for two minutes and then I had to explain the whole storyline. I tried to show everything in the book but ended up coming all jumbled and kind of a mess. Some parts that didn’t need to be were unnecessarily long and others were rushed through. Take Rue’s death for example this was my favourite part in the book but the movie butchered it. It didn’t quite capture it properly as it was rushed and not fully developed.
The character of gale pissed me of in the book and the movie. I hated this so-called “love” triangle. He wasn’t even in the running. Honestly, I think the movie didn’t focus on Peeta enough and wanted to give Gale more air time than he needed.
I need to comment on the lack of violence, I know they had to dial it down in order to keep it PG but it’s about people killing other people for entertainment, if people were offended if there was violence then they shouldn’t watch it. It should’ve been 15 and include the necessary violence.

3. Avatar

So James Cameron apparently waited 15 years to make this movie. In that time he should’ve thought about executing it better. Once you get past the pretty pictures which will happen in the first half hour you eventually realise that there is still 2 hours to go. So for most of the movie they just show the planet and how pretty and supposedly perfect it is. Then in the last minute they build and complete a story. Humans trying to take nature, power hungry bastards, how original.
The worst thing is was that this could’ve been a good movie. If it was condensed and all the shit was cut out, or not made excruciatingly long then all in all it would’ve been so bad. The story could have been developed properly and not rely to much on the computer imagery.

2. Brave

This movie bored me to tears and I should’ve have turned it off sooner but I watched right until the end. An hour and a half of my life I will never get back. Apparently, it is a “heart touching story of a mother and daughter”. I watched it with my mum and we both shared a heart to heart about how crap it was. So “Merida” is Disney’s epitome of a feminist, simply because she doesn’t want to marry some barbaric prince. Her mother and her disagree on marriage and Merida’s lifestyle. Sounds okay so far, doesn’t it?
Well, this is where shit gets stupid, Merida runs to the forest at night and follows some jellyfish looking things to a line cottage. And when you see a lone cottage you just have to walk into it, which is of course what Merida does. She decides to tell her problems to the “old lady” who lives in the creepy cottage and takes a pie which apparently makes her mum agree with her. Yes, take a pie from a stranger and it will sort out all her problems. Long story short, she trusts this lady enough to give pie to her mum (which could be laced with cyanide) and her mum turns in to a bear. Yes, a bear.

1. Grease

I actually liked this film the first time I watched it then I watched it like a year later and realised how much it sucked. I’m not going to tell you everything wrong in the plot because if you have seen (which everyone has) you’ll already be familiar with these. Once again in the running is a summer lust story. It’s essentially the same as Dirty Dancing but with a change of scenery. Anyway Danny and Sandy meet on the beach but after summer Sandy has to leave. Last minute change of plan and all of a sudden she staying, and going to school in America. Out of all the schools in, all the states she goes to the same as Danny (I guess if she didn’t they couldn’t have made shitloads of money for the story). However she doesn’t she doesn’t tell danny that she’s staying she turns up to the school where he told everyone he fucked her (but you can’t say that in a family film). So she supposedly loves him but can’t even write (or whatever they did then) to tell him she’s staying. There are some songs, blah. Like every other movie ever made they don’t fit into each other’s cliques, so instead of doing the reasonable thing and just accept one another and tell they’re friends to deal with it. They do the next best solution and change themselves and betray everything they have ever known for someone that they met for about a month. In the end seeing as sandy tarts herself, Danny sees no reason to change.

So this was my (kind of) rant. Thanks for reading to this point, even if you hated it.