I have never liked the concept of time. The idea that one moment can only ever last for a few seconds and then it’s gone forever. That after less than a minute, it becomes the past; a memory.
I don’t understand in the concept of time, it’s not that I haven’t grasped the concept. It’s more so that I don’t believe that time exists, it’s not as objective as we like it to be. I don’t know how a human put a numerical measure on a day, which commands others how to live their lives.
I guess the main thing is I don’t like how there is ever enough time because, for everyone, time is limited even though time itself is supposedly infinite.

Read This If You Are Human

I don’t care about the politics
Neither do I care about your views on Islam
Or Judaism
No child should have to endure the suffering that the children of Palestine face every single day
No child should be left alone
Knowing that in a matter of seconds one single bomb can wipe out their whole lives
No child should ever want to die from all they have suffered

A mother should never be left childless
And a husband should never live knowing whether or not his wife is still alive

Please pray for Gaza
Pray for an end for all the conflict

These are not empty words
I will be boycotting ALL Israeli funding companies. This includes places where me and my family shop everyday including supermarkets. So it’s not easy and it may not make a huge difference but I’m willing to try.
I will also give money to stop this war.

I hope people will join me but I will not sell my soul for a pack of cookies.

And before an ignorant cretin calls me  anti-semitic, watch this.