Chapter One

A young man stood tall over the mountain side, dripping with sweat from his trek. The light clothing could not help him with the unforgiving sun beating down. The only thing he had was the tattered clothes on his back and the bag slung over his shoulder. Not to mention the small girl running behind him shouting. The strange thing about this pair was not that they were travelling together nor was it the vast age gap. It was the fact that even though they were both exhausted, looking almost dead, they had lacked food and water, and they had not bathed in a week, despite all this they still smiled. “Brother,” the small girl laughed. “We are here.” The man messed up his sisters hair, “we did it, kid.” They looked over a small village just by the river. “Brother we can make it today if we hurry. Let’s run.”
The girl carrying a small bag, not knowing the burden on her brothers body from carrying most of their things. “Stop being a child. You’re 18 now. We can continue in the morning.”
Just as she was getting ready to complain, she saw her brothers exhausted face and the toll that the day had on his body. “You’re a dumbass. Like you said I’m 18, I can carry my share.” She took their things and helped her brother walk. With his arm round her shoulder for support he couldn’t help but laugh. “I did this for you not long ago.”
“My brother is a dumbass.”
They walked silently together until they reached a place to set camp for the night. As she didn’t want him to walk that much she stopped before the sun went down, in fact they still had hours before the sun set. The summer was not kind during the day but helped them at night. She quickly unpacked a sleeping bag for her brother and set him down on it. “Now sleep.”
“Kanna”, he shouted, “thank you.”
“All I did was carry you. You’ve been carrying me everyday for 11 years.”
“It’s not just that. You’ve done more for me than you know.”
“You and Reya have done too much for me. You miss her of course.”
He scoffed, “that crazy girl. I don’t think about her everyday or anything.” He glanced down at his wedding ring, “Damn I miss her.”
“I miss sister too.”
Kanna left. He never cried in front of her and he never wanted her to see him cry so it became a habit that when he looked like he was about to cry she would leave.
She saw a rabbit and started to chase it like a child.