Chapter Three

There was a rustle from the forest, the slightest sound of a stealthy yet careful hunter.
“Let’s talk about this over dinner then.”
The small figure of a human clutching a dead animal in their hands. It was covered in blood and already ripped into but it seemed to resemble the bitter remains of a rabbit.
“Hello, Kanna. Say hello to our new friend.” She dropped the rabbit and made her way over her brother. She passed him and sped up towards this stranger. Her knife stained with blood already was to the strangers neck. Her arm extended up to reach him, as he was much taller and she just about could reach him but there was no doubt that one wrong move and he would take fatal damage. “You hurt him.” Her voice did not shake but there was an uneasiness in it.
“Kill me, I dare you”, Zed laughed. “Put me out of my perpetual misery.”
“Kanna, you brought a lovely meal. Now let’s sit and eat.” She stood unmoving.
“Kanna. Sit.” Eli said more sternly.
She obeyed dropping the knife. “Would I ever kill a defenseless animal?” She picked up the rabbit dripping with blood.
Zed saw the look in her eyes, completely still. No emotion shown towards him, she would’ve killed him and not regretted it. This truly was the look of a predator not the prey like her stature indicates.
“Zed. Take a seat too,” he said politely with a smile on his face as if Zed was a dinner guest.
A dart flew out of nowhere into his right shoulder. He looked in the direction which lead to where Kanna was sitting. “Not far off from your heart, right? Not damaging any vital vessels. I don’t miss a shot. Maybe next time I won’t be so nice. Wanna test it? Now sit, dog,” she smirked
Zed obeyed sitting on a rock near the camp.
Eli still had the same smile on his face, “now, isn’t this nice?”
“Fucking lovely,” Zed said.
Kanna dropped firewood in front of Zed, “Start a fire, monster.”
Eli’s smile vaguely changed, her words clearly struck a chord. “Kanna, he has a name.”
“I’m bad with names. The name I gave him suits him perfectly. Rugged, animal like, muscles, vaguely resembles a human. Yeah, he’s a monster.”
“Don’t be mean. I’m getting sick of your attitude.”
“He hurt you. I’m not gonna just act like he didn’t.” She was now shaking. Not with rage but with fear. “I can’t lose you.” It was like a quiet plea, so small like a child’s voice. 
“I know but I sorted it. He was a wounded dog before you came look at him.”
He had blood gushing where Eli had defended himself, the dart sticking from his shoulder and a small wound from where Kanna was close to slitting his throat.
This was the first time she saw him.
“I won’t apologise but I will offer to clean your wounds.”
Zed laughed. It turned into a maniacal laugh, it was unsteady and unsettling. “I’m a monster. Remember? You got me the first time. I’m a monster. I’ve been through much worse. You think you you can kill me with just this. You’re crazier than me!” Kanna splashed alcohol on his back. He flinched from the burning. “Shut up, monster.”
“Sit on the floor and take off your shirt.” He looked at her to see if she was serious. “You worried for a girl to see you naked, you’re more like a dog than a monster.”
“Darling, I’m sure you can’t wait to see me naked. Should I take my pants off too?”
“I’m not interested in anything so small. Shirt off is fine.”
Kanna sat on the rock while Zed sat in the floor in front of her.
It was quiet. However, every now and then Zed would mumble under his breath to deal with the pain. Kanna giggled every time. That’s when Zed realised she was doing this for her own enjoyment. She had so much power of him, putting him in more pain from the rubbing alcohol and the fact he needed her to do this. He could feel her smug aura transcending to him.
Eli still sitting on the log, was skinning the rabbit. He couldn’t resist. “Seeing you to like that, makes it look like you’re a couple.”
Kanna’s face twisted in disgust. “Gross, brother. That’s not funny.”
“Do you really think I’ll like her? I mean look at her.”
Kanna touched one of his wounds, “wanna tell me what’s wrong with me, bastard? You’d be lucky to get a girl as sophisticated and loving as me.”
He scoffed. Kanna put pressure in his cut. The agony was clear on his face. “I’m done. time to get firewood.”
Kanna skipped off to the forest, humming what seemed like a nursery rhyme.