How I Want Metatron’s End To Be 

​So I’m on the ninth season of supernatural and I have a problem when I watch anything. I theorise. I have 1000s of possible endings in my head and how they play out.
As i watch the 9th season I think how it will end for each character and for some it’s obvious. Abbadon is evil so she must die, her plan is simple and because of that unachievable. They know her goal so they must stop her.
Metatron on the other hand, doesn’t give much away. I still don’t know if i like or loathe him but I want him to have a poetic end.

He was God’s scribe and an avid story teller. He knows his ending but no one else does, we don’t even know why he cast out the angels. It is thought that he wants to be the new God. But for his genius character he’s got another idea.

Metatron being as aware of how angels work and now up to date on the current state of heaven, wants to do all he can for the angels. His brothers and sisters mean too much to him, he still has faith in God and because of that he feels the need to save them for Him and restore order. Even if it makes him the bad guy.

He casts the angels out as a way to get them to rebel. Rebel against him. At first he leaves them to it expecting them to unite and take over heaven. But when they start to turn on each other he purposely tells Castiel to lead them and he more actively plays the villain. Choosing for Gadreel to be his second in command (who is basically a bad guy in the angels eyes anyway.)

As the angels band together with enough force to overtake him. Banding together against a common goal. He comes to his demise while smiling over the fact that heaven will be orderly again. Even though he has become an enemy of Heaven, really he was their saviour.

His last sight is Castiel’s pained face from hurting another brother in arms and in Heaven. But Metatron believed the only person who could do it was Cas. He was strong enough and it was a honourable death just because it was Cas.

He dies with the smallest smirk which is perceived as pigheaded but it was true happiness. He sees the stereotypical bright light and his life flashes before him with the simpler times with God and his siblings. He sees God one last time who thanks him for what he’s done.
I highly doubt this will happen but I’m excited to see how it plays out.

A Kiss Goodbye

The dark abyss that forever haunts me

Staring deep into the soul i no longer own

Begging for a kiss to be the key

Another body on a loan
I just continue to float

The life not so bright 

With the words neither said or wrote

I will go down before the fight
The battle that shall never be won

When it should be eternal 

But really it is done 

The loss is final.