The 30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 16

Day 16: The last thing you touched (other than the keyboard, mouse, screen, etc.) is trying to kill your protagonist. Explain why.

Working from home is a luxury few can afford. This was something that jasper could do. He set up a small photography business from his home at the age of 22. Initially, there was only low cost work for him such as pictures of pets and new-born babies, but with time it grew. His creativity lead him to photograph interesting people who could afford his creativity. Companies, individuals, he would accept anyone who would take his art. Now. he resides in a home where his studio is downstairs, the outside is beautiful and green and he can live upstairs.

From a young man living alone, you would expect empty takeout boxes on the counter, things scattered on the floor; just in general, for it to be a mess. However, this was not the case, it was immaculate. No takeout for him, the fridge was fully stocked with a diet based on his requirements and was healthy. He had lavish black couches which encapsulated the room. In the centre a short table which appeared to be based on a kotatsu. They matched the grey silver walls which was chosen specially to correspond with the grey marble fireplace. One wall was simply just windows as the lighting prevented him from getting headaches.

Everything was clean. Everything was in its place. Everything was beautiful. This room paralleled him so well. He was clean freak and it had to look picture ready. Even he constantly looked presentable, despite his long days, he would never look unpresentable. His clothes ironed and pressed, clean from any unsightliness. His hair was neat. This in no way meant he spent ages getting ready, he would simply know how to use his time. Efficiency is something he valued, due to his attention span being very short he spent almost all his life trying to do tasks in the most efficient manner.

He fell onto his black velvet couch, with a glass of wine in his hand and in his pyjamas. After hours of filtering through photos and editing, this was a very well deserves break. He even had his easily listening tracks playing. It was peaceful.

Suddenly, there was a banging which resonated across the room. Jasper jumped and saw the vacuum rush towards him. It was something out of a cheesy movie. It knocked over everything in its path until it reached him. He moved away from it, and tried to lean over to switch it off. The moment his hand met the demon vacuum, electricity ran through his body. The vacuum electrocuted him.

It edged closer again. He could feel and see sparks leaving the vacuum. It was one of those cordless fancy ones so he couldn’t even turn it off at the source.

He wrapped material over his hands and tried to turn it off again. It dulled out the sensation of being electrocuted but it was still a very prominent feeling. He pressed the button which should have turned it off. Nonetheless, nothing happened, it was still on and still hell bent on coming toward him.

It was ridiculous, he was spending a Saturday night fighting a vacuum. All he could think about was whether it was cleaning the room simultaneously to the ongoing destruction. He got a pillow and knocked it over. Used rubber gloves and dumped it outside.

Even though it was a possessed vacuum it was still just a vacuum.

On the outside of his door he saw a note which read “hope you enjoyed the surprise. There’s more to come.”

Japer was completely unfazed.

Instead he thought, “I need a new vacuum. And this time no fancy shit”.

The 30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 15

Day 15: Characterise the second-last app on your phone or the last website you’ve visited (before this one). Send this new character to the supermarket.

The confused young man ran from the top to bottom of the supermarket. He intended to go in simply for some milk but completely forgot what he came in for. He reckoned it must have been important if he actually made the trip, so he persevered. He thought that when he saw it then he would remember but up until that happens there was nothing else to do but run around like a headless chicken.

The whole supermarket was a mess, but only to him. To the typical human eye, it was normal. The items were stacked, dome in a manner to comply with regulations and all fit in. However, he could see the shabby workmanship, therefore he would often stop fix things up. His philosophy was if it wasn’t worth taking a picture then it simply wasn’t worth it. That was what he did, he made it look as if he was doing a shoot. Ridiculous as it may seem that a supermarket could seem anything other than how we see it but his world is different to ours, better in a way.

Quickly his tremendously short attention span would catch up and he would move on. There truly was an issue for him for paying attention for more than five minutes. From a young age his parents wanted to take his pills and he did for a short time but the main thing it provided was massive headaches and stifling his creativity.

Eventually he gave up and left the supermarket, along with several items he didn’t he need. But thought he did. Just a bag of snacks, various fruits and a bottle of coke that was half finished already. He entered his house and wanted to wind down with a cup of tea. He boiled the kettle and went to the fridge for some milk.

Then he realised, he needed to go to the store.

The 30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 14

Day 14: Your character meets somebody new on the bus. His or her opinion about the person is changed by the end of the bus trip. How did this change occur?

Personally not a huge fan of this piece but oh well its posted. 

Jeering echoed the bus. I initially enjoyed the peace when on the bus, especially when I had nothing to preoccupy myself with. I was not accustomed to long journeys, consequently would usually come prepared with a book or maybe something to watch. However, my phone didn’t have long left, with the battery being on 5%. In addition to my oversleeping and lack of planning which made me forget to pack a book, thus it was simply me and my thoughts.

That was until the herd of rowdy boys entered the bus. They must have been in their early to mid-twenties yet are screaming like kids.  I looked down at my watch, not even thirty minutes had passed with me on this bus. I still had over an hour left of my journey. All I could hope was that it quietened down soon.

I sat somewhere in the middle to avoid any attention, not close to the front where kids want to sit with their parents and not at the back where groups of teens and young adults crowd to. I was certain that no one would sit around me, there was plenty of space but just my luck that these loud boys would come sit near me.

This would have been the time to put my headphones in, despite me not playing any music due to the critically low battery, I did so anyway. It was a great way to block out sound and just give me the ambience of being of a world of my own. It was not long before one of the boys in the group who was sat immediately next to me waved to get my attention.

It was all a lot of small talk I didn’t pay attention to. Some mean statements. Comments made at the expense of others while he made what he thought were compliments to me. Then the badgering for my name and number. Decline. Decline. The amount of times I had to say no before he stopped. This man was rude and did not take no for an answer. Being with his friends gave him a false sense of security. I hope he felt as awkward as I did.

I just inserted my silent headphones in before he could talk again and looked out the window. My eyes were firmly set on the outside for the remainder of the time he was next to me. By the time he left I could see many of his groupies also did. I exhaled with a relief.

I didn’t like being put into a position like that by a pushy man who cannot take no for an answer. My anxiety disintegrated. Again, I was left to relish the silence once again until a voice behind me said-

“I apologise for my friends.”

“Excuse me,” I said as I removed an earbud. I turned to face him, he was one of the boys in the group.

“The guy who was sitting next to you. He’s a-,” there was a pause, “an acquaintance. He acts like that but he isn’t too bad. When you overlook some things.”

“Overlook a lot, I’m assuming.”

“I saw that you were uncomfortable and I want to apologise.”

“Okay bud. Listen up. I can see that you’re not as pushy or annoying as your previous friend. But in the future if a girl feels uncomfortable then tell your friend to stop. Don’t think that you are nice because you apologise after.”

“Wow sorry I tried.”

“That was a little rude on my part. But I just felt weird then.”

“Don’t worry about it. I will make sure he’s not that pushy. Even though I’m not doing it, I stand to the side when he pesters others.”

I smiled. “I accept your previous apology.”

“So you don’t think I’m so bad anymore?”

“Meh.” I turned back around.

He said under his breath, “by the way, I know you aren’t listening to anything.”

I didn’t even bother playing around. I simply looked at him and asked “how could you possibly know that?”

“You were too stiff. Like not moving, you were trying too hard. It’s a knack, I am just good at reading people, most of the time at least.”

“I am accustomed to wearing them. I always listen to music but my battery is dying so I’m left to my own devices.”

“Would you like some company for the rest of the time? You can say no. I saw previously that you had no problem saying that.”

I laughed, “okay.”

He sat next to me and for the rest of the bus journey we spoke. Spoke about trivial things. I found out about his job, his likes and dislikes. Despite my initial opinions he was a good person. It was a lovely conversation.

Until I got to my destination. We said goodbye and that was all. I left with something else though. Perspective.

The 30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 13

The pain was excruciating

More so than any normal pain

Really, it was the contrast which was agonising

Initially there was no aching at all

Simply a dull sensation at the very least

But after seeing the first drop of the dense ruby fluid

Released from the wound

I felt it

And it was unbearable

A prolonged stabbing

Just continuing as I have to bear the never-ending torture.


Day 13: Think of the worst pain you’ve ever felt. Now give your protagonist a paper cut and over-exaggerate the pain using your own descriptions.

The 30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 12

Day 12: Take the first line of your favourite novel. Remove and replace the nouns and verbs, and write a story that begins with your new line. Delete the first line.

{Okay, I did a little bit of cheating. I hated how complex this seemed so I just used a random sentence generator as the first line and deleted it after I finished writing. Hope you enjoyed reading this!}

That was the story he told his lawyer anyway. He lied to everyone and the lies only piled higher and higher. Sitting in the poorly lit police interrogation room gave some time for reflection since there was so little to look at, which leads the perpetrator’s mind to wander. There were no windows present, not even a clock. He had completely lost track of the time, he just knew that he must have been there longer than an hour. They confiscated his phone and watch along with his wallet prior to entry.

The singular light was dangling from the ceiling; which gave him a headache due to its flickering. It only reminded him of a cancelled cop show from the 80s. His lower back started to ache from sitting on the metal chair, which matched the metal table his hands were resting on. The table took up most of the room which further emphasised how tiny the room truly was.

And finally, in the room was the usual one-way mirror. He knew that he was being watched. Maybe they wanted him to be left alone with his thoughts. Maybe they expected him to confess. But then again none of them knew about his sociopathic tendencies. He was done waiting. He got up from the bone breaking chair and started stretching. He slowly walked over to the “mirror” and from the other side officer Rogers was staring directly at him. He stopped in front of this officer and looked him right in the eye. “I have dinner plans. Can we get this over a done with?”

The other officers were startled; how could he possibly be looking the officer in charge of his arrest in the eye without seeing him? “People, it’s merely a coincidence.” As he briefly turned away from the glass, there was a knock, “Officer, look here. I’m still waiting.”

With that the officer stormed into the room with his partner, officer Diaz. They both knew that man waiting for them in that room was guilty. Everyone knew. But there wasn’t enough evidence. There were even witnesses but none of them were willing to step forward; they were all scared. They just needed more from him. There he sat with a smile on his face while rocking back on the chair. “Officers,” he said, “you forgot the phonebook!” He laughed at his quip. “Come on, at least give me a smile. I spent one hour thinking of something to say.”

Both were uneasy, this man had an aura about him which made the certain that he was a psycho. They exchanged glances.

“Now, don’t be strangers. Take a seat lets catch up. How’s the case? Any new leads?”

“Mr Williams, you know that we are unable to answer that question. However, we think that you may be of some help,” replied Diaz.

“You know that I am always happy to help. Don’t you, Officer Rogers?”

The silent Rogers finally spoke. “This crime the woman was violently beaten in an alleyway. There are some markers on her body I have never seen before. Who knows what else this psycho did to her. She wasn’t beaten and bruised to the extent where she was unrecognisable. Its sick, wouldn’t you agree? She was forced to endure this pain and eventually succumbed to her injuries as she died later in hospital.”

“It is indeed horrible, officer. But why am I here? We have been through this song and dance and we have established my alibi along with the authenticity of it.”

“Yes but that was before your supposed female acquaintance was actually seen shopping in a store rather than with you on May 17th like you said.”

“And where are these sources who said that? I’m guessing you have willing statements.”

“So you agree that its true?”

“No. I am telling you to check your sources as they are mistaken. I am an upstanding member of society. Along with my female associate.”

The men stared each other down until Diaz chimed in. “We are simply giving you a chance. Perverting the cause of justice is a crime and if you alter your statement now then your associate may not be in trouble.”

“If I didn’t know any better that sounds like a threat.”

Another silence that fell into the room.

“If you are down with your questions, I presume that I can take my leave?” Williams stood up to leave.

“Again officers, it is such a tragic event and send my condolences to her family. It must be hard to a single mother. Especially to someone so young. Good luck with the case.”

Rogers immediately bolted up. He grabbed Williams by the collar and pushed him up against the wall. “Cut the shit Williams. You know you did it. We know you did it. Fess up and at least that way you might get lucky and get slightly less than a life sentence.”

“Sir, I don’t think your department approves of you doing this to such a high-profile client.”

“I’m not going to tell. Diaz isn’t going to tell. And no one is going to believe a piece of shit like you.”

Diaz spoke up. “Rogers, I won’t tell anyone but I don’t want you to get into trouble.”

“Isn’t that sweet? Your lady doesn’t want you to get in trouble.”

Rogers tightened his grip. “Diaz, don’t you see. She was a minor, we disclosed no details about her. There wasn’t even a name but he knows that she lives with a single mother. With the information we have released he shouldn’t even know that she’s a minor. It doesn’t add up.”

“If you really think that’s enough to work with officer then your deluded. There’s no way they will put someone like me away for that.”

Rogers finally released him. “That may be so but you don’t know what else we have on you.”

“You’re bluffing.

“I guess you will just have to wait and see. See you in court.”

The 30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 11

Day 11: You are now a dragon. Describe your hoard.


Somewhere millions of years ago

A new day calls for a new adventure. The world is so small when you can fly, it used to be lonely but I found a new home. A home which consists of an ensemble of misfits. But we aren’t misfits anymore because we found a place we belong.

First there’s me, Titania. I’m a very average dragon; not the smallest or largest. Nor am I particularly strong but by no means weak. Just average. I tell a lot of bad jokes and try to lighten the mood when others get heated but I also find it difficult to read the atmosphere, especially when people are emotional which gets me into trouble more than I care to admit. Despite this I tend to get along with the others quite easily due to my lazy attitude.

Next we have Valentinus, he is a very loveable character. Typically described as the loveable idiot by others in the group. Nice but clumsy are the two words which describe him the best. There have been a few occasions where he forgets that he needs to use his wings to fly and is shocked when he starts getting closer to the ground. No matter how easily distracted he gets, no one would dare mess with him as in the hoard he is by far the largest and the strongest.

Another colourful character is Zephyros, she is constantly angry and looking for a fight. She successfully gets into fights and usually ends up victorious, however it still results in plenty of scratches and bruises. Somehow in these antics the others regularly get dragged in. She also has a habit to quietly make here leave, noted for her disappearing act which makes her hard to find.

The “leader” of the group is Nikomedes.  He is a reluctant leader and by no means thinks he is capable or even willing. He is the best leader they could have and in an odd way he sometimes admits that he is quite good at it. being smart and tactical make him a perfect fit for what he does however he is lazy and dislikes the idea of babysitting the others, making for a very unorthodox leader.

In all the strong personalities, which occur, there needs to be a buffer. This in no way means they don’t have a strong personality, but their personality is one that doesn’t clash with the others and instead calms others This is where Ashoka comes into play. He has a very tranquil aura which gets passed onto the others which can dissipate the thirst of blood for fights. He can stand his own when he needs to, therefore not someone who can be pushed over. In general, however, people do not want to annoy him as he is known for being the pure one, gaining him the younger brother role.

Similarly, to Ashoka who has a calming aura, we have Euthalia. She is very caring to the others and simply known for “loving too much”. In the past she has never fit in anywhere which is why this group of misfits mean so much to her. When everyone fights or there is a possibly she is the quickest to show emotion, only emphasising she is the one who is the most attached. It is a common occurrence that she adopts other strays so has a lot of other animals which surround her. This has fated her with being the “mum” of the group.

Finally, we had Ragna, she is the “planner”, giving the group a sense of purpose as she decides where they’ll go and what to do as firstly she is the only who can be bothered and also the fact that she is forever organised. She gets along with everyone without too much friction but gets along the best with Nikomedes due to them spending a lot of time together to decide what the group should do. Also, the tactical attributes they both possess. They are known for being quite deadpan and emotionless but feels genuine love for the rest of the group.

Sometimes I feel like my existence in this group doesn’t matter, no one would realise if I was there or not. However, I often get reminded that we are a family and that’s enough to stick around.

The 30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 10

Day 10: Try to convince your reader that the mythological creature of your choosing exists.

Okay, hear me out: what is a unicorn, really?

It’s a horse but with a horn, like a horse-rhino hybrid. We have horses in the world and, also, rhinos so: why is the possibility of a unicorn so preposterous?

There are tales of unicorns in all cultures and people who have claimed to see them. They appear in literature, art, even constellations. The legends exist before people have had the opportunity to converse about it. They had no means of communication, yet they describe the same thing. This is no pure coincidence.

Much like rhinos of our time, people used to track down what we now identify as “unicorns”, for their horns. They believed them to have magical healing abilities and if you could catch one it would bring prosperity and luck to you. For this reason, unicorns were forced to run into hiding.

In reality,  they were much larger than a horse, so people would hunt them in flocks. They tracked them, took their horns and celebrated by eating their meat. In many cases, it was believed that cooking the meat burnt of the supposed “magic”, therefore it was typically eaten raw to preserve this.

Years before this, unicorns were treated as gods among the people. Again, deemed for being necromancers, they were prayed to. They were loved. Thought to bring good fortune. In contrast to the later legends, hurting a unicorn would only bring anguish and misfortune. But legends change: the king decided that his people should only love him, worship him. He acted as a supposed messiah and said unicorns were creatures of the damned, instead of waiting for humans at the pearly white gates that they believed, he claimed that they guarded the gates of hell. He said they were unnatural and need destroying. He said the reward was of the horn they possess, where the unicorn was born from witchcraft, the horn had pure unadulterated magic. Thus, it could be used for medicine and perform miracles. (He said this because he still believed the old tales. The ones that told unicorns were gods, so he would never hurt one, instead he left it to his people to be damned.)

The roles of virginal women often come into play when talking about unicorns. This is because there was a group of women who were thought to be so pure that unicorns would be attracted to them. They were pure simply because they had pure, untainted love in their hearts and devoted themselves to saving the unicorns. They were warriors, who fought the selfish, power-hungry king. The idea that they were all virgins was not true, it just serves as propaganda as pure always equalled virgin in these times. These brave women lived and died by the unicorns and after years of strenuous battle, they finally exposed the king.

When people wanted to except the unicorns again, it was too late. They had already left, even the women knew that humans didn’t deserve unicorns. They feared they would be betrayed by humankind again so the unicorns scattered, taking different paths. Some took to mountains, others to the sea. Maybe they eventually evolved to narwhals but there is so much of the ocean not known. There are even tales of how they went to the heavens, disappearing into the sky. To me, this is far-fetched, but evolution, science, prove the existence of unicorns.

It’s just the magic you can choose not to believe.


The 30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 8

Day 8: Take a nondescript sentence such as, “How are you?” Write the same line from at least five different points of view.

Sentence: What’s new?

1. The wife and I have just come back from holiday. We had the most amazing time; saw great sights and met some fascinating people. Have you done anything interesting lately?

2. Saw the best movie the other day. No spoiler but I cried like a baby. Watched anything good?

3. Little Timothy started school. He looked so smart, unlike how some mothers send their kids to school. How are your little ones?

4. So the divorce is finalised so I’m ready to let loose. No hag to nag me when I get home. Any good news on your end?

5. I don’t wanna be here. Nor do I want to make small talk but this silence feels prolonged and uncomfortable so what’s happening in your life worth minor interest and has a possibility to lead to a more intelligent conversation?

The 30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 7

Day 7: Spoil the ending of your favourite movie without any context.

The handsome man storms the castle with his two new found comrades. It was a miracle that he was alive and even more of a miracle that he broke out of his paralysis so fast, with the from the help of an eccentric old man and his wife.

As a group, they cleverly come up with a plan to scare off the guards without sheer brute force. There are two main goals that these misfits want to achieve: love and revenge.

The handsome man in true fashion defeats the evil prince and saves his princess, whilst in that time still manages to say a great speech. thus, his quest for true love is complete.

By contrast, the other man is after the blood. He is seeking vengeance from the man who destroyed his life, who made his life he once knew disintegrate around him. The man who made him a killer. This ensues an epic sword fight where the noble gentleman is so close to losing, but at the last second, by a divine force, he manages to win.

This man leaves the revenge business and has new prospects. The last gentleman is simply happy to see this friend move on. Finally, they all leave the castle together on white horses.

Then it ends with a kiss. A truly passionate and pure kiss.

[For anyone who has watched this movie it is so obvious, otherwise it probably just seems too cheesy.]