October Writing Challenge: Day 21

This may be the most mundane thing you will read today but here goes. A log of 25/10/2017:

  • ​Woke up to realise my mum had called from the other side of the world 
  • Called her back and groggily told her the time 
  • Finally worked up the effort to roll out of bed 
  • Daily hygiene hijinks 
  • Eyeliner eyeliner eyeliner 
  • Quickly do some cleaning before the parents get back 
  • Do my hair and get changed for work
  • Daily dose of public transport 
  • Work work work
  • Get off and meet my friend for linner (like brunch but between lunch and dinner)
  • Burgers 
  • Crepes 
  • A catchup with a stroll through the park 
  • Continuing the catchup
  • Home time = pajama time 
  • Apply for jobs after I accidentally withdrew a previous application for a job I really wanted. 
  • The apprentice is on! 
  • Bed time I guess? (And by that I mean scroll through Instagram and watch some episodes of a TV show before I fall asleep)

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