Is Self-Love Enough?

I love myself, it has been a journey but I truly do.

Sure, there are features about myself I don’t like but I wouldn’t change it.

However, as my as I love myself, I don’t think I am “beautiful”. Because I am not and that’s okay. So when someone compliments my appearance or calls me beautiful, my immediate reaction is that voice in my head shouting “liar!”

And I think back to the boy who called me ugly when I was 12. So why am I so quick to assume he is right?

Is the fact that I love myself and think I have other redeemable qualities enough? Or do I need to think I have it all, when I don’t?

Is self-love the absence of self-loathing?


  1. I’m learning to love myself more. It’s a hard thing to do. I have been loving others more than myself and that brought me joy but when they are gone there’s nothing left. So yeah. I have to change that.

    • I think it’s easier to love people than yourself but remember not to put them higher than yourself. I wish you the best on your journey because it’s a surprisingly hard thing to do

  2. I just read this, though we’ve been twitter friends for quite a while, and I just wanna add this: you ARE beautiful, that’s no lie… just FYI… and you’re super sweet, wish I’d read more of your blogs, I’m catching up post-The Write Track podcast

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