Female Badassery On Game of Thrones: Margaery Tyrell

I feel like she is so slept on as a character and I would loved to have seen more of her. She is smart, determined and stunning, so if you don’t already love her then I will be doing my best to convince you otherwise.

On first opinions, when Margaery came in a sly smirk on her face, I immediately did not trust her.

Image result for margaery tyrell half smile

However, that quickly changed when her true colours were shown — that she want “to be the queen”. I loved her for it, by all accounts it can be perceived as cheesy and it is not a noble cause. But the girl knows what she wants and she is going for it. That I can respect.

Image result for margaery tyrell i want to be the queen

We see that she is not dimwitted and very aware of the people around her. First seen when she offers to bring her brothers lover (her brother, Loras) in the bedroom. She knew Renly was gay and did not care. She knew she was happy to do all it took to achieve her goal.

Then when it went to shit, she got the fuck outta there.

Her plan changed to where she could achieve her goals, because that is where loyalties lie. Not to a house or to a saying but to yourself.

When she came to have some influence, she helped the poor and in turn, gained the love of the people. People will argue with this — as she may have done it for her own personal gain, nevertheless however, she did it. She did good.

Image result for margaery tyrell orphanage

Cersei had every right to be scared of Margaery, who fits the bill of “someone younger an more beautiful”. She not only gained the approval of the people but managed to manipulate Joffrey. Played him like a fiddle, or used him like a crossbow, if you will.

Image result for margaery tyrell joffrey crossbow

She had a great relationship with her family. Her and Olenna (Queen!) spoke about things you wouldn’t expect such as how Olenna used her feminine wiles to gain her husband, we see where Margaery gets it from.

Image result for margaery tyrell olenna
She also made nice with Sansa (which you know I appreciate from my last blog post). She gave her, not only a friend, but also an escape route. Sansa was alone and scared but now she can dream of Highgarden, away from Joffrey. That sisterhood, even if she gained something, was kind.

Related image

Even when Sansa could not be her sister-in-law, she still provided her solace. Reminded her of who Tyrion was, except just a Lannister. Proving once again that she was not an innocent girl.

Image result for margaery tyrell some women like short men

The look of disgust she gave Joffrey perfectly matched the viewers at home.

Image result for margaery tyrell side eye

She then managed to marry a King for the third time. Expertly reading and manipulating Tommen, in a manner completely different to how she did with Joffrey.

Once again she was super accepting of her brother but scolded him when he was not being smart.

She sasses Cersei. On multiple occasions. AND did it with a smile on her face.

Image result for margaery tyrell cersei mother dowager

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Now, we move into the High Sparrow debacle. Margaery was taken prisoner, like Loras (and for him) but when he was beaten and broken, she was not, still managing to sass Cersei in her weakened state. Protecting her family was her number 1 priority, she would not sell out her brother.

Image result for margaery tyrell loras prison

She continued her expert manipulation, with the high sparrow. She didn’t need a man’s help to leave, even if that man was the king. And left with her robes very much intact, unlike another Queen we know.

Even when we thought she had bent her will, we get this subtle reminder of how strong and determined she is — family comes first.

Finally with a heavy heart I must mention this. In her final scene, she was the first to realise that Cersei was up to something. When she was dismissed, she died holding her brother.

Image result for margaery tyrell death gif

Total vanity bonus: the banging outfits.

Image result for margaery tyrell outfits

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