Conformity’s A Bitch

I never used to be like this
I used to have dreams
My own pathetic bliss
I used to laugh

I wasn’t their perfect little thing
I didn’t wait for someone to save me
Because never did I need saving
I was me

I always was fair
I wore and spoke how I pleased
Even gave them my favourite gesture
When they deserve it

I wasn’t lonely
Even when I was alone
Not everyone loved me
But some people did

I was a normal woman
But I was a little weird
And it is fun
Rocker chick or goth girl

I loved it

I wish for those days back

And I remember how I got here
Their own little experiment
Their own little freak
To test against conformity

To see if I would become one them
I promised I wouldn’t
Never become like them
Or betray all I stood for

Fortunately for them
I failed

Instead I have the bittersweet memories
Of looking at the person I used to be

From my pedestal
Like those I promised never to be

Screaming through my plastic shell
For someone to save me from my own little hell

I’ve turned into their own personal barbie doll

A toy to love and
to leave

I swear that from my fake exterior that I felt a single tear fall


“Labels are for filing. Labels are for clothing. Labels are not for people.”
― Martina Navratilova

It’s amazing, words. One word has so much power. Words have the power to hurt sometimes even kill. Who was the person who said sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me? And seriously what was he/she smoking?
They affect everyone, people are branded like cattle because of these words. Ugly, stupid, bitch- everyone’s been called it and most of the time for no particular reason.

I honestly don’t believe in labelling people because I know what it feels like.
Labels, stereotypes, whatever you call them. It changes people after a while they it into these stereotypes and turn into these labels because they start to believe it. I’m not saying words are wrong but they can be used in a negative way.

Im a realist and I know that these labels will never stop but honestly don’t pay attention to them. I know it’s not easy especially if your in school because this is where they are most used. People can be vicious and if we forget about the people that bring us down then we can do whatever we want. I’m not saying its easy to but its worth a shot. If I was still scared about what people may say then I wouldn’t be writing this- I’m done being afraid.

Thanks for reading 😀