There once was a time of utter turmoil in the world. The earth was in distress making the idea of living absolutely menacing. Everywhere and everything was war torn.
Those people left behind- Those who did not die in battle, or in poverty, or by the hands of mercenaries-  roamed the land to look for a way to survive. They lived off scraps. They lived alone in their sadness. To be left alive was luck but to live was not lucky. They watched their families die before their very eyes. They saw the devolution of humankind and the death of humanity. They had no solace. They survived for the sake of simply not dying. There were still many people who chose to die by their own hand when the darkness became too much. These people were envied for they had escaped, no pity was wasted on them. 
The battle of the land was over but the war never ended. In this desolate place, the remaining life is often forgotten and the dead live on by their mourners.
However, there may still be life. Over the dull sand and under the blistering heat stood two young adults looking for survival.

To Be In Love With Destruction

I have recently been through some of my old stuff and boy, does it suck. It’s not like “aw I wrote this when I was a young ‘un #nostalgia”. No, it’s way more like “what the hell was I thinking?” To be completely honest it wasn’t very good, it’s almost like I thought I was good so it came off kind of pretentious but overall it was just appalling.
However in the blizzard of shamefulness, I found a piece that I actually liked. So I made some minor tweeks and here it is. Enjoy

Destruction is an art form
An art much like love
Because no matter how you look at it
From all love no matter how innocent
No matter how pure
Eventually leads to destruction
To war
To hate
To love and destroy is a somewhat beautiful concept
Lovers are destroyed
And it hurts
Not physically nor mentally
But it hurts your very soul
And you can hear beating of your once existent heart
It continues takes until
There’s nothing left
Not even the pain that once kept you company.