A Gothic Piece of Creative Writing

In English my teacher loved making us do creative writing, and I’m all for that. But the problem occurred when he wanted us to read it out.
I noticed that in not as good as I’d like to be so I’m going to share my failure to whoever may read this.

The task was to create a gothic character. Give them a name, description, whatever you need to make it authentic.

An uneasy atmospheres swept across room when she pranced in. The chatter in the room abruptly stopped when eyes fell on her. She made herself known and everyone was eating out the palm of her hand. She was dangerous. The kind of woman boys were told to stay away from.
She gladly embraced this trait. It was from this very reason that men and woman stood wide eyed just staring at her, appreciating not her beauty but her perfection. Men wanted her and women wanted to be like her. However, this did not make me trust her. It wasn’t her elaborate crimson lips or shining gold hair that gave me this impression. It was the was she held her absurdly long black dress with such poise such grace. Her soundless steps were inhuman. It was more like a predator tormenting it’s prey.

Everything she did made me feel even more uneasy, like I should run and never look back however something compelled me to stay. It was the sly smile that spread across her face exposing her perfect teeth when even the most morbid conversations were taking place. Which questioned me to why I was still there.

She came closer to me as if she detected the silent scold I gave her. Her grin was even wider now. From this close I could see that she had a strong bone structure, high cheekbones combined with her thin straight nose which not only made her desirable but also beautiful. Her skin was pale but not to an extent which makes her look sickly. Her hair was wavy, and voluminous which only made her look more perfect. She was striking, everything about her, never before in my life have I seen anyone with this resemblance, her utter perfection was scary as it was so inhuman. No flaw, no bad habit.
“Good evening Mr. Cardaugh.”
What came as a shock to me was not the fact that this stranger knew my name but it was her voice. Her voice was sickly sweet almost like honey, it just didn’t fit her description of a dangerous woman. Every animal instinct in me, in my body wanted to love her, lust after her but I knew better than these fools.
“Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Angel Reginald.”
Reginald, her father has full control this small town and if he didn’t have a strange attachment to this lonely place then he could have taken over a lot more. He also wouldn’t be as alone as this small town, he’s been alone as long as anyone can remember. Since his wife died, no one knows when let alone if his wife really died of the plague, but no one dared to question him.
I was snapped out of my trance when she extended her hand out to me, which I took as she came closer.
“Hello, Miss Reginald. It’s a pleasure to meet the daughter of such an esteemed figure in this weeping town.”
“Oh, such a polite man, but there’s no need for these niceties my name is Angel but I am far from it. My parents have a sick sense of humour.” She chuckled under her breath, laughing at a joke that I never quite understood but this particular chuckle had a sinister tone that told me that I never wanted to understand it.
Also where you call this town weeping my father sees potential, the beauty.” I was shocked by this comment. I opened my mouth to oppose her argument but I couldn’t deny that there was something special about this town, however the strange happenings can not be categorised as a positive.

She once again flashed me the same grin which bares her teeth. this showed that she had rehearsed it in the mirror in order to give people this impression of a perfect Reginald.
I was absolutely certain that this would be the last thing I ever saw. As I looked at this grin one last time I was proven correct, as my surroundings disintegrated around me and everything turned black.