The Death Of This Challenge


I got bored of this so I’m choosing what I want to write for my last day; I’m going with “5 songs I love right now”.This is going to be hard because as much as I like music it’s not something I’m an expert in. I just like what I like.

1. Get Over It by Lower Than Atlantis
A band I just found out about while flipping between Scuzz and Kerrang, they are by no means new, just new to me. They are a British band (yas, representing the brits), which you can hear in their accents and is oddly refreshing. The drumming is just so great in it and goes with the lead vocals so well. I have had this song on repeat. If you’re into any kind of alternative rock I recommend you listen to this and I will definitely keep up with LTA if they continue with bangers like this. 

2. Swear by You Me At Six
This was released about a year ago but once again thanks Kerrang, helping me find songs I wouldn’t have heard otherwise. I’m a very casual You Me At Six listener but when I hear things like this it makes me want lay on the floor and put on a YMAS mix, and I swear (ha ha) I will do this. There’s an amazing part of instrumental and then when the lead singer starts singing it’s just so earthy (?), I can’t explain it properly so please just listen to it.

3. Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t) by All Time Low
This is going proper old school with this ATL song, which I feel like anyone into pop punk knows. I love everything about this, the parody talk show, the fight scene, and of course the actual song. It’s such a catchy track that you will find yourself singing. The music video is an added bonus of hilarity.

4. Rolling In The Deep by Go Radio
This is the only Go Radio song I know and my favourite version of rolling in the deep. A gem of a song I found while binging all the pop goes punk videos I could find.  There’s not much to say other than saying the lead singer has such a beautiful voice and it suited him so well, there were so many emotions which could be heard throughout.

5. Take A Hint by Victoria Justice and Elizabeth Gillies
Okay, try not to judge me but this is definitely my guilty pleasure track, it’s hella fucking catchy. While rewatching some old Victorious episodes and couldn’t help but sing this. Liz Gillies has such a great voice and I did listen to whatever songs of hers I could find on YouTube and I’m a little bit in love. One great diss track and I’m surprised Nickelodeon did it.

Honourable mentions: the entire Disney soundtrack namely, however I See The Light and I Am Moana. If I ever get married and I don’t play I See The Light then I’ve done something seriously wrong. Concerning I Am Moana, it made me tear up when I watched the movie. Don’t ever question my unhealthy obsession for Disney movies and songs. Phil Collins, Alan Menken, I love these guys.

Please recommend me some songs or comment whatever has been on your playlist this month. 

I Wanna Cry For No Reason 

​I just wanna go home and cry. Put on the saddest maybe even angriest songs I can possibly find and just cry. 
Possible candidates:
I Never Cry by Alice Cooper
Bury by Pay Money To My Pain
Tell Me Why by the Penpals
Disenchanted by My Chemical Romance
Dead Memories by Slipknot
What A Catch, Donnie by Fall Out Boy
When I See Your Smile by Bad English

Any other recommendations?

I Outlived My “Emo” Phase

I was, if my memory serves me right, 16 when I got into rock music and only wanted to wear black. It’s not a phase everyone had but it is one that a lot of teenagers have. The days were My Chemical Romance was salvation for a kid who didn’t quite fit in.

I did enter this stage later than most, where I see 13 year olds having the same phase but they’ve grown out of it.
For me, it’s probably something I will never grow out of. During my high school years I had few friends but I’m glad to say I still speak to the majority of them. Because of my close knit friendship group, I didn’t fit in with anyone else. I didn’t have an urge to be popular but it was more the snide remarks from others that would hurt. People often forget that you’re not an adult at 16, because they want to compare it to the shit they see on TV. You think you’re grown up at 16 but you’re a child. Anything happens and it will affect you.
Me being told I’m ugly at 15 has still damaged me up to today when I’m 20. I’m often told that I’m horrible to myself and that I should improve my self esteem but it’s easier said that done.
My so called emo years helped me to deal with everything. It helped me to grow as a person and just to take one day at a time. I never cried when shit happened. But sometimes I have these moments when everything seems so horrible and I have music. I liked the teenage angst and the guitar solos.

The reason I wanted to write this was because I’m not allowed to have teenage angst at 20 but I still do. I also still see that there are kids that still listen to this music and it helps them more than it helped me. It makes me happy that this music will still live on in these people’s heart even when they outlive this thing they will one day call a phase.

I truly believe I did not have an emo phase. I never got the scene haircut, I just used to hide behind my fringe. I didn’t always wear black. But my skin was pale and my hair was dark however my eyeliner was never as dark as I wanted it to be. So when people called me an emo or a goth I didn’t care. Because the people that were my heroes were called this and they weren’t so I didn’t mind.

I’m 20 and I will probably always love My Chemical Romance and listen to Fall Out Boy. I will forever have a crush on Gerard Way and think that Andy Biersack is hot. I will forever remember their lyrics because the memories were too great for me not to. They were too kind to me during the years and somehow understood me.

My Chemical Romance: Where Are They Now?

I don’t really do posts like this but I thought I would try it out. So enjoy.

It’s been over a year since My Chemical Romance have broken up. No one exactly knows why but from the fans have been told is that it’s because in the band they didn’t feel that spark anymore. From what I recall in Gerard Way’s TwitLonger was that when they started the band, they did it for their love of music but toward the end of MCR it became a chore, an obligation to the fans. So where MCR had began as spectacular now they were simply good as he put it. I respect his opinion. If he’s not happy putting out content then he shouldn’t just to please people. Even though I miss MCR and sad they are not a band, personally I am fine with the fact that the band ended before they got really bad. Even worse than Danger Days. They may have become the new Metallica (started off amazing and gradually deteriorated).

So where are the New Jersey Boys now?

Gerard Way

The front man of MCR, released a six issue comic called Killjoys as a continuation of their fourth album, Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys. I would definitely recommend these comics because even though I really did not like the album I did like the two songs, Na Na Na and Sing that contributed to the making of this comic. The comic was quite good and a good way to see how this story ends.

Also, for those who miss the music content from Gerard, he has just released a solo song called ‘Action Cat’. The thoughts on this are very mixed. In my opinion I thought it was a disappointment to his previous works as it sounds like something that would be on the Danger Days album (which was my least favourite). You can tell it’s his voice but the song seems, well, busy. I’ve had a crush on Gerard because of his voice (like how I am in love with Dave Grohl’s voice) but this song doesn’t reflect it, not like his voice in Cancer which was very raw and beautiful.
However, there are still many fans who do like it. It’s not my cup of tea, but I’m still glad that he’s making music and that’s what makes him happy. I will be keeping an eye out for more songs that he is making.

There is also a song called ‘Millions‘ that he performed live in October 2013. A fan recorded it and posted it online. This is a song that I was pleasantly surprised by. If I heard it walking down the street I would love it and I don’t think you can compare his work now to the band.

From Wikipedia it also says that he was an executive producer for the band, LostAlone, second album.

Frank Iero

Frank played rhythm guitar and provided backing vocals in the band. He was also the first fan of MCR before he joined the band.
Now, he is two bands; LeatherMouth and Death Spells.

Frank wanted to sign Leathermouth to his own label and joined when the previous lead singer did not write any lyrics. They had broken up in 2010 but began to perform again in 2013.
Frank had said that MCR fans would be disappointed with Leathermouth and some are. However there are still a large number of people who like Leathermouth. As a band I like Leathermouth, they are very different to MCR but the content is good. I would recommend listening to ‘Murder Was The Case They Gave Me‘. Frank was born into the punk scene and Leathermouth is very punk-ish, which is very enjoyable to listen to.

Death Spells is a band with James Dewees. It is more electronic rock so of you’re into that then you will like it. If you are like me and don’t like electronic rock then you will not like it, it’s really as simple as that.

Frank has also done some solo content, he created a song entitled, “This Song Is A Curse”, which was used in the movie Frankenweenie.
In December 2013, he released “For Jamia” (his wife), it consisted of two tracks.
He has another solo album, which is being released in fall 2014. He posted one song called “Joyriding” to his SoundCloud. Again, it is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea.

Mikey Way

The brother of Gerard way and played bass guitar in MCR, as well as giving the band a name.
He is currently in a band called Electric Century. A song called “I Lied” has been uploaded on the bands youtube channel. This is really a song which cannot be compared to MCR and as the songs go, it’s nice. It’s not edgy, but it’s still a good song. It’s more relaxing and makes me want to here more of their content.

Lately, many of the fans have been commenting on Mikey’s personal life. I don’t really have an opinion, but for those who want to know I will quickly summarise it.
Mikey was married to Alicia Way and then suddenly started dating a 19 year old fan called Sarah. Many fans thought he was cheating but claims him and Alicia had ended beforehand. There was a shitstorm on twitter. Mikey and Sarah got engaged but now have apparently broken up because she put on her twitter: “when a ‘man’ ditches you and your son to go and do drug. #laughable”.
I got this information from various sources so I don’t know how reliable it is. The one thing I don’t get is why fans made such a big deal about it, like no one except those involved really knows what happens and why so I don’t think we can really judge anyone from this.

I’m just glad the Mikey’s new project isn’t a flop.

Ray Toro

Definitely the dark horse of the band who played lead guitar and backup vocals.
In the band, I’ve always liked Ray, I felt he was kind of the background but when he did speak he seemed like a genuine guy and his love for music is very obvious.

Honestly, when I first heard that Ray would be going solo it was like a “gosh, really so many artists do this and they clearly need to be in a band”. My goodness, was I proved wrong, I seriously underestimated Ray. He is so unbelievably underrated and am actually happy he’s going solo because people wouldn’t see what he’s capable of. This is reflected in the song “Isn’t That Something“, which he uploaded in May 2013.

His new solo album entitled “Minimization Procedure”, should be released soon and I’m looking forward to it.

Bob Bryar

Bob was in the two best eras on MCR, he became their drummer during ‘Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge’ and was involved in ‘the black parade’ but left before Danger Days. It would be a sin not to mention him.
Honestly, I don’t really know what he is doing. He used to be the Sound guy for MCR before joining the band and apparently is still doing sound check for bands.
I heard somewhere he didn’t like fame but again I’m not sure how reliable this is.

Thanks for reading.

A Short Post on the Music I Like

“Where our music is welcome
We will play it loud,
Where our music is challenged,
We will play it louder.”- one smart motherfucker

A sudden realisation: I’m not normal.
Okay I knew that.
Everyone in class (minus one) voted to listen to some JT song and, of course, I’m the one who had to be different.
My taste in music is just so out of range to anyone I have ever met before. And it has changed.

I went from the girl who listened to n-dubz. To the girl who stopped listening to music because to her there was no meaning. Now, well let’s start off by saying I found meaning in music again.

I first came across it by coincidence. I heard of My Chemical Romance and when I heard there songs couldn’t help to love it. I found songs that expressed every emotion that I was feeling. It was so raw and so real and also kind of angry. I witnessed the evolution of a spectacular band. (The best thing that happened with this was I spoke to a girl for over an hour about them because I saw she had some kerrang! Magazines with them on the cover. It wasn’t awkward, it was two people who if have nothing else have this one thing in common.)

I then came across Green day, AC/DC, Guns and Roses, Iron Maiden and Metallica. I’m not normal because I was born in the wrong time. I still probably wouldn’t have fit in even in the 70s, but this is my kind of music.
Rock music/ rock and roll music/ rock alternative/ punk rock/ metal. Music that makes you want to pump your fists, bang your head and stick your middle finger to all the people that have a problem with it. Yeah, that’s my music.
Maybe I’m a rocker or maybe I’m just a freak. Really what’s the difference.

Songs to listen to on a sad day (or whenever)

My Chemical Romance- I’m Not Okay
My Chemical Romance- Mama (or any mcr sing)
Green day- American Idiot
Iron Maiden- the Trooper
Metallica- Enter the sandman
Leathermouth- Murder Was the Case They Gave Me
Guns and Roses- Sweet Child o Mine
AC/DC- Thunderstruck
Joan Jett- Bad Reputation
Bob Seger- Old Time Rock and Roll
Panic! At the Disco- This Is Gospel