The 30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 16

Day 16: The last thing you touched (other than the keyboard, mouse, screen, etc.) is trying to kill your protagonist. Explain why.

Working from home is a luxury few can afford. This was something that jasper could do. He set up a small photography business from his home at the age of 22. Initially, there was only low cost work for him such as pictures of pets and new-born babies, but with time it grew. His creativity lead him to photograph interesting people who could afford his creativity. Companies, individuals, he would accept anyone who would take his art. Now. he resides in a home where his studio is downstairs, the outside is beautiful and green and he can live upstairs.

From a young man living alone, you would expect empty takeout boxes on the counter, things scattered on the floor; just in general, for it to be a mess. However, this was not the case, it was immaculate. No takeout for him, the fridge was fully stocked with a diet based on his requirements and was healthy. He had lavish black couches which encapsulated the room. In the centre a short table which appeared to be based on a kotatsu. They matched the grey silver walls which was chosen specially to correspond with the grey marble fireplace. One wall was simply just windows as the lighting prevented him from getting headaches.

Everything was clean. Everything was in its place. Everything was beautiful. This room paralleled him so well. He was clean freak and it had to look picture ready. Even he constantly looked presentable, despite his long days, he would never look unpresentable. His clothes ironed and pressed, clean from any unsightliness. His hair was neat. This in no way meant he spent ages getting ready, he would simply know how to use his time. Efficiency is something he valued, due to his attention span being very short he spent almost all his life trying to do tasks in the most efficient manner.

He fell onto his black velvet couch, with a glass of wine in his hand and in his pyjamas. After hours of filtering through photos and editing, this was a very well deserves break. He even had his easily listening tracks playing. It was peaceful.

Suddenly, there was a banging which resonated across the room. Jasper jumped and saw the vacuum rush towards him. It was something out of a cheesy movie. It knocked over everything in its path until it reached him. He moved away from it, and tried to lean over to switch it off. The moment his hand met the demon vacuum, electricity ran through his body. The vacuum electrocuted him.

It edged closer again. He could feel and see sparks leaving the vacuum. It was one of those cordless fancy ones so he couldn’t even turn it off at the source.

He wrapped material over his hands and tried to turn it off again. It dulled out the sensation of being electrocuted but it was still a very prominent feeling. He pressed the button which should have turned it off. Nonetheless, nothing happened, it was still on and still hell bent on coming toward him.

It was ridiculous, he was spending a Saturday night fighting a vacuum. All he could think about was whether it was cleaning the room simultaneously to the ongoing destruction. He got a pillow and knocked it over. Used rubber gloves and dumped it outside.

Even though it was a possessed vacuum it was still just a vacuum.

On the outside of his door he saw a note which read “hope you enjoyed the surprise. There’s more to come.”

Japer was completely unfazed.

Instead he thought, “I need a new vacuum. And this time no fancy shit”.