“For me, Superman’s greatest contribution has never been the superhero part: it’s the Clark Kent part – the idea that any of us, in all our ordinariness, can change the world.”
— Brad Meltzer

Magic, radioactive waste, genetically enhanced spiders. Shockingly, this isn’t what made them heroes they could have easily used it for evil. It’s how they used it.
Some weren’t even superheroes they didn’t change their DNA or use magic, they simply had a will to do so. Batman created himself, anyone with a few billion pounds and a will could have done it, superman still had to make himself he had his advantages but the rest was up to him.

These heroes may not exist but it doesn’t mean heroes don’t. It’s not the celebrity who you call a hero, it’s the people who have always been there and there is a moment when you realise how great they are. I think people are born with greatness but its up to them if they live up to it. I have heroes, “normal” people are heroes to me, to someone they may be normal but to me they are not.

I think the great thing about superheroes are maybe to a person they are perfect or close to perfect- this idea that it is completely unattainable is amazing, it’s something to aspire to. You can never quite reach it but if you come close, you would have achieved greatness along the way.
Having powers is an advantage what you do to get there is completely up to you.

The thing is if you could be a hero, would you? You have to think about what’s at stake, the sacrifices and the responsibility. I think it’s like anything- you have to work hard.
I think the superpowers would be so cool (you have to be a weirdo not to think this). What power would you choose?

Patience Invisibility is a virtue. I would like to be invisible, I mean people won’t bug you. The people you don’t like wont have to see you. I think people love attention and need to be seen, I don’t need people’s approval. I think right now I’m kind of invisible. Invisibility would probably be a back up.
I would pick time travel. You could get extra sleep, it could save you from saying something stupid (I say a lot of stupid stuff without realising). Homework, no problem. Ultimately, you would make a difference and its useful, you can help people. I would probably have the name “Kairos” which is time in Greek- I know, not very creative.

What power would you pick and what would you like to be called? Be creative!