October Writing Challenge: Day 21

This may be the most mundane thing you will read today but here goes. A log of 25/10/2017:

  • ​Woke up to realise my mum had called from the other side of the world 
  • Called her back and groggily told her the time 
  • Finally worked up the effort to roll out of bed 
  • Daily hygiene hijinks 
  • Eyeliner eyeliner eyeliner 
  • Quickly do some cleaning before the parents get back 
  • Do my hair and get changed for work
  • Daily dose of public transport 
  • Work work work
  • Get off and meet my friend for linner (like brunch but between lunch and dinner)
  • Burgers 
  • Crepes 
  • A catchup with a stroll through the park 
  • Continuing the catchup
  • Home time = pajama time 
  • Apply for jobs after I accidentally withdrew a previous application for a job I really wanted. 
  • The apprentice is on! 
  • Bed time I guess? (And by that I mean scroll through Instagram and watch some episodes of a TV show before I fall asleep)

October Writing Challenge: Day 14

I’m worried I’ll be in a dead end job with incompetent managers. I’m worried I wont be content with what I have. I’m worried I’ll die knowing how it started. 
As much as I say I don’t miss uni, I miss the memories. I miss avoiding all responsibility. Skipping lectures to eat with your friends. Have no cares even though I should care. Not worrying about what’s next. 

Even though I only work part time, maybe less than part time. I just wanna blow off work one day and do everything I’m not meant to. Pull a sickie and then meet my friends to chill and grab dessert. 

I hate that I need to think about what’s next. I hate that I have no clue. I hate there’s a voice inside me that I’ll spend my whole life trying to figure it out. As a result I hate that I might never be happy with this grating voice. 

I just worry that I’ll never do what I want. 

I worry I may never find what I want.

October Writing Challenge: Day 13

What inspires you? My goodness, I’ve exhausted this topic but here we go… 
I don’t have a specific person or thing which inspires me. I get my creativity in bursts from different factors.

Usually while I procrastinate maybe watching a TV show or even listening to a song, I get an odd spurt of inspiration. I had so much motivation while reading Bakuman (a manga) a few years ago, the guy in there was so admirable. While in highschool a classmate got him to team up to become a mangaka. As a result, he had to keep up with education  (the exams in japan are an actual craziness) and still spent most of his days aspiring to be a mangaka. He was constantly working to his goal and it inspired me to do what I love.
Another time was when I was watching a kurt cobain documentary and seeing nirvana rise to fame really inspired me.

Other than fictional characters or people I don’t know, my family. They constantly inspire me. Like I know them so well but they can tell me something about themselves which surprise me and make me respect them more.
My mum’s unconditional love.
My dad’s jack of all trades personality.
My brothers determination.
They all inspire me.

So while I can’t guarantee one thing to inspire me, I have many things that do. And many things in the future that will.
Without doubt, my inspiration comes down to me trying to better myself. I’m not the person I want to be, not yet at least. 

October Writing Challenge:Day 12

It seems these challenges want me to continuously talk about my faults, all the problems I’ve faced past and present have all stemmed from me. From my own doings, my very own actions. 

The most recent problem I’ve had was actually today. On Saturday I used my laptop all day after neglecting it for a month, I wrote some fiction and updated my latest short story. My brother wanted to use my laptop so I logged out and let him log into his own account and BAM black screen. My confident “nah man don’t worry, give it a minute.” 30 minutes passed and nothing. Literally just a black screen. I spent the entirety of Saturday trying to figure it out. Eventually, I got a blue screen and unsuccessfully could not get it to reset. Like nada.
I don’t know of you have this ego thing where you just feel like you can do it. Like with no unearned confidence but nevertheless you convince yourself you know what you’re doing even if you’re a complete novice. That was me, I preserved, I watched many youtube videos and read endless forums. Alas, I did not prevail. I spent Sunday admitting defeat and in the evening had a burst of confidence once again leading to me trying with no outcome.
I decided to leave it to the big guns. Go to the place that sold me it. I was reminded of Carrie going to the Tech Support and being hella extra by wrapping her computer in a pashmina while being rude to Aiden.

I think I mention my love for Aiden too much but look at him, he’s great-look at that level of support.

Even the person there couldn’t fix it.
So I had the hardest goodbye of my life so far. Bidding adieu to my laptop. For about 6 weeks, max.
I don’t rely on my laptop for much but when I have a burst in writing creativity or job applications it’s there. So for now I will have to update blog posts solely on my phone like I did when I first started my blog. However, work I previously had on it will now be gone. Believe me when I say that no best sellers on it but even if it was crap, I like to read over my work. For nostalgia at the very least.

Moral of the story, always back up.

Sometimes it astounds me shes a writer who claims her life is on that computer yet doesn’t know the term back up. Before anyone says it I understand she’s fictional.

October Writing Challenge: Day 11

This connects back to day 5 which highlights the fact that there are quite a lot of areas of my life I would like to improve. Just to save time here are a few goals that I wanna make sure I stop ignoring. 

1. Do a blog post twice a week
2. Start writing, 2 pages a day
3. Exercise 3-4 times a week
4. Get a new job by 2018

October Writing Challenge: Day 3

There’s not a lot to be proud of when you spend most of your time, not doing much (or anything for that matter). I don’t work a lot but when I do I take pride in the fact that I haven’t punched a customer in the face. 

Instead we are going to do the reverse. I am going to say what I’m not proud of (just in the past few days otherwise this would span longer than song of ice and fire series).

I got a lot of gutter balls in bowling. Also broke a nail whilst bowling which hurt. 

I didn’t apply for any jobs. Or write. Or paint.

I spent a lot of time procrastinating. 

I was washing dishes and broke a glass, when proceeded to cut deeply into my finger (and other smaller cuts on my hand). There was a shocking amount of blood and it seems like a possible scar. But my title stays with me- king butterfingers (ugh). 

Also, I have no idea how this happened, but when I went shopping and tried to put a snow globe back, it clipped the corner and the water drained from it straight to the floor. Which, by the way, has a lot more water than you’d think. 

So like every post this just highlights my laziness but also brings my clumsiness to light. 

October Writing Challenge: Day 2

I have never agreed with cooking. Love to eat food but can’t make it. Let me give an insight into my expertise when there is no food to simply warm up in the microwave. 
Firstly, get a bowl. Pour your preferred cereal. I like to go with coco rocks or curiously cinnamon. Both good choices. Get the milk. I prefer whole milk, don’t give me any of that green top crap. 

Other than that I make toast. If I’m feeling a little bit edgy then I will have it with Philadelphia or hummus. 

I’m not a functioning person. 

October Writing Challenge: Day 1

Hello, I never actually finish a challenge like this but fuck it, I am experiencing writer’s block and am going to give it another go. I’m following the template above (which I’m a year late for), so kick off October with me and try this out.

It says interesting but I don’t live a particularly exciting life, therefore anyone reading: you have to deal with vaguely interesting and borderline mundane.

1. I just graduated from university, where I studied mechanical engineering.

2. I take deep pride in my binge watching abilities (even though it’s nothing to be proud of- such as watching 11 seasons of supernatural faster than the summer holidays).

3. Even though I love music now, I had a phase where I didn’t listen to music for about 4 years. I later heard some rock music which has since changed my whole attitude for music.

4. I’ve only ever been to one concert because one of my parents detests concerts/clubs and anything of the like.

5. I make bad puns. Honestly I am surprised people even hang with me.

6. I have a hard time picking a favourite anything. For example, I can never pick a favourite colour but say black as a default.

7. In terms of movies I have two favourites Forrest Gump and the Princess Bride. (Fun fact: Robin Wright is in both movies.)

8. I watched a lot of anime and read manga, which I now prefer to comics. It also inspires me to draw. 

9. Even though I’m not scared of spiders or snakes or rollercoasters, I am extremely scared of horror movies. 

10. I want to write a book. I’m unsure of the specifics of it but I really want to write and complete a whole book.

11. I hate ketchup. 

12. I’m quite short- about 5ft1-5ft2 

13.  I’m extremely lazy and have almost zero drive. 

14. I’ve never been in a relationship.

15. I have a black cat who loves to scratch me, then suddenly starts to purr and beg for attention. 

The 30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 8

Day 8: Take a nondescript sentence such as, “How are you?” Write the same line from at least five different points of view.

Sentence: What’s new?

1. The wife and I have just come back from holiday. We had the most amazing time; saw great sights and met some fascinating people. Have you done anything interesting lately?

2. Saw the best movie the other day. No spoiler but I cried like a baby. Watched anything good?

3. Little Timothy started school. He looked so smart, unlike how some mothers send their kids to school. How are your little ones?

4. So the divorce is finalised so I’m ready to let loose. No hag to nag me when I get home. Any good news on your end?

5. I don’t wanna be here. Nor do I want to make small talk but this silence feels prolonged and uncomfortable so what’s happening in your life worth minor interest and has a possibility to lead to a more intelligent conversation?

The 30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 7

Day 7: Spoil the ending of your favourite movie without any context.

The handsome man storms the castle with his two new found comrades. It was a miracle that he was alive and even more of a miracle that he broke out of his paralysis so fast, with the from the help of an eccentric old man and his wife.

As a group, they cleverly come up with a plan to scare off the guards without sheer brute force. There are two main goals that these misfits want to achieve: love and revenge.

The handsome man in true fashion defeats the evil prince and saves his princess, whilst in that time still manages to say a great speech. thus, his quest for true love is complete.

By contrast, the other man is after the blood. He is seeking vengeance from the man who destroyed his life, who made his life he once knew disintegrate around him. The man who made him a killer. This ensues an epic sword fight where the noble gentleman is so close to losing, but at the last second, by a divine force, he manages to win.

This man leaves the revenge business and has new prospects. The last gentleman is simply happy to see this friend move on. Finally, they all leave the castle together on white horses.

Then it ends with a kiss. A truly passionate and pure kiss.

[For anyone who has watched this movie it is so obvious, otherwise it probably just seems too cheesy.]