At World’s End: Chapter 3


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

“Fucking bitch,” Zed muttered under his breath as he pulled his tattered shirt from the dirt and putting it over his head.

Eli ignored the insult. “She wants you to chase her.” He dropped the firewood on the ground and proceeded to start a fire.


“She’s,” Eli paused, scrambling for the right words, “playing.”

“You’re kidding me.”

“She had a complicated childhood. It is nice that she can retain some childlike wonder.”

“But she is not a child.”

“Does that matter? She has been through a lot and now she is happy.” Eli looked in the distance as smiled. 

It was clear that Zed wanted the conversation to end but Eli persevered. “So what has a young boy like yourself seen?”

“None of your business.”

Eli chuckled once again, “you know you remind me of someone.”

“Lovely tidbit but I’d prefer that you don’t compare to a pathetic friend of yours in a past life.”

A small snigger came from Eli’s mouth. “Ouch. You’re mean. An old man is just trying to warn you. That pathetic friend did alright. In fact, look for yourself,” he said as he gestured to himself.

Zed observed him, and as much as he did not want to admit it, he was doing alright. His build was thin and slender upon first impressions but the way he had pinned him, Zed realised that he was a lot stronger than he had seemed. He did not look old. But above all, he was alive, alive and happy. A mix that is seldom seen.

“Is this the future I should look forward to?”

“Alright, Zed — if that’s still the name you want to be referred to as — ”

“It’s my name.”

“Sure, ‘Zed’ , if you learn anything from me let it be this: nothing is as simple as it may seem. Remember that when you’re judging people.”

“You and your sister travelling together seems simple enough. What is it? The cliché ‘parents died in front of your very eyes and you devote yourself to avenge them’ but before you can, you realise how royally fucked you are; so you just move, valuing your own life more than anything.”

“If you want me to start from the top then I will.”

“Anything is better than you making me guess.” Zed stretched out his arms before sinking closer to the ground. He looked as if he was waiting for a bedtime story.

Eli cleared his throat. “My parents were killed before my very eyes.”

Zed groaned loudly to a story he expected.

“They were killed years before the war and as a child I lashed out. Became a ‘victim’ of the system. I hated that term but I guess it was true. I had no one in the world. I had nothing. I lived and did anything to feel alive. Drugs, crime, who knows what else. Even when I turned eighteen and was forced out, I continued that life, slept rough and squatted when I was lucky. 

“Then the war started and chaos spread. Dead bodies littered the street, the ringing of an explosion. I became intoxicated with havoc, I felt happy. People were suffering the pain I had been suffering for years. I saw this as an opportunity. I could do whatever I really wanted and with absolutely no consequences.”

Zed had no snarky comeback for Eli, the person he was describing did not sound like the person who had been so forgiving of him.“So what did you do? Kill people. Did you shoot a man as he begged for his life, seeing the fear in his eyes but using it as ammo when you pulled the trigger. Watching yourself becoming a killer and not hate it.”

Eli was not shaken by the oddly specific description that Zed had painted for him. “I’m thankful I was never that far gone. I did the same shit I always did. I tripped on acid, got high with the same people but just in a bigger playground. Met some people who only fueled my self-destructive tendencies. I thought I was so hard, I thought I was living how I wanted. I thought that what I did was a big ‘fuck’ you to everyone who did me wrong. These things that were taboo, but I had been doing it so easily. It’s because there was no one left to tell us, no punishment, no crime, no boredom. In reality, we were just teenagers squatting in someone’s house that didn’t care while other people were dying. I didn’t care because in that moment, I was immortal. The feeling of immortality is only heightened when you see more people die. I felt superior.”

“There was an abrupt end to that feeling. One day when we were all tripping, a group of kids our age had bigger plans of saying fuck you. They were the killers you described. They came into our home, our barrier to the shit that was happening outside. They lit it on fire and tried shooting at us from the windows. My best friend Sawyer got shot right in the eye and burst out laughing, all the drugs dulled him out and the hallucinations must have been hilarious. He was enjoying the pain and didn’t even feel his life slip away, not from the first, second or even third bullet. Some people got an idea of what happened and ran. They tried at least, however the fire spread and their alcohol soaked shirts determined their fate. I didn’t flee I just sat there completely unable to move. One friend pulled me out and threw me out the window, he saved my life. We were on the second floor and my landing was not graceful, in fact my leg never recovered properly from that. I urged my friend to jump with me but he smiled and exploded with the house.”

“What was your friend’s name?”

“I wish I could tell you. I must have called him something but my memory of that time is a little bit shaky. The man saved my life and I can’t remember his name. Even if the name he told me was fake, many of us did that. There was a Snake and Blaze in the group but for the life of me I can’t put a name on him.” Guilt was eating away at Eli. 

“So you were the only survivor?”

“Me and Sarah. We both survived. She was so fucking crazy. She would occasionally trip out and do some crazy shit but most of the time she was clean. She did these insane things like jumping from bridges, completely in her right mind. She was fearless.” His eyes lit up talking about her, which urged Zed to ask, “you loved her?”

“Completely. I thought if I lived by jumping out of a house on fire then I could survive if she rejected me. I was more taken aback when she actually said she liked me too. We already travelled and lived together for a year and a half. But now it was different. Now we were together.”

“So where does Kanna come into this story?”

“I completely forgot that’s why story time began. You’re awfully interested in her.”Eli probed.

“You haven’t explained why she’s such a bitch.”

“If you want to know, maybe you should ask her directly.”

“I’d rather not endure any more pain from her.”

“She is a feisty one but she isn’t a bad person.” Eli’s carefree attitude had dissipated, he wore a stoic look which did not suit him. “Zed, this is an odd request but if something were to happen, I would like you to take care of Kanna.”

“I can’t promise that. I don’t even expect to see you again after tomorrow.”

“You’re welcome to stay. It is easier to be in groups and I know you’re not a bad kid either.”

“Why don’t we finish the story before I start making lifelong promises?”

Beyond the Window

Going back to my routes on this one, creative writing from words from a random word generator. 

The words were: Hostage, Talkative, Deal, Infection

Image result for window  photography

I lay on the soft mattress, sinking in as the covers surround me. I made it a habit to lay in the dark, I was not concerned about my surroundings. It was nice to not think, not dream just be. I had to savour this feeling. As I relax further into my nest, my safe space quickly became intruded. 

The lights turned on and a young man strolled in. Leon came here everyday, wearing a smug grin on his face accompanied with a chirpy attitude. “It has been a lovely day.”

“I wouldn’t know,” I said while sitting up, leaning on the headboard.

“You’re not a hostage, Mika. You can leave whenever you want.”

I felt my lips tightening, I had nothing to say nor any desire to leave, feeling too comfortable within these four walls. I was sick for a long time and once I got better rather than returning to my life it was just easier to stay here. 

No one came to visit me besides Leon. Not that I could recall many of my memories from before that time but I thought if they came then it would trigger some memory. Instead I was left alone with Leon, it made me bitter and Leon was the only one I could take out my frustrations on. 

On some level, I should be thankful but I’m not, he just reminds me how weak I am. Besides I never asked him to see me, he just does. I realised that he wouldn’t stop no matter what I said. 

I glared at him as he sat on the foot of my bed. It was no longer a quizzical stare, wondering why he came to visit or why he seemed so happy to see me I gave up on that a long time ago. Instead I glared at him to make it clear I didn’t want him here, make him not feel welcome enough to stroll in as he likes and make himself at home. 

“You’re very talkative,” he joked. 

“I don’t have much to say. Nothing has changed since yesterday or the day before. I haven’t done anything.”

“Are you still having those dreams?”

I did have dreams good dreams. In those dreams I can relive the feeling of happiness, of being uncomplicated. A blue sky, watching the clouds with a pair of eyes staring at me. The eyes were full of warmth. Even though I could not remember the face, I know I was happy. They were mundane activities, dreams of cooking and dancing, walking outside, going to the store. They were normal,  yet I craved them. However, I could not will myself to leave.

I looked at him for the first time. He wore a light blue jumper with white trousers. I have only seen him in some rendition of blue. 

“You really like blue?”

“It was my wife’s favourite colour.” He played with the silver band on his finger, smiling. He must really love her. In some way it made me jealous. Not because he was taken, but he was happy I did not have that luxury. 

“Was?” I repeated.

He ignored me, instead he observed the curtains, pushing up his glasses. “You haven’t opened the curtains again,” he stated. 

“No need. There is nothing out there for me.”

“There is nothing in here for you.”

“This is my home.”

“It was.”

“I remember how I used to be here. I remember laughing so easily. Smiling. Why does it not feel like me?”

“You remember?”

“Only a little.” After that sudden confession, I became defensive. “ I don’t know why you care, I don’t even know you.”

In that moment I thought I saw his eyes become glassy but focussed more on the hurt expression he now wore.  I had pushed him away before but this is the first time it had affected him. That is what I wanted but a knot still formed in my stomach. “Please, just indulge me,” he pleaded.

“I loved watching the clouds. The blue sky.”

“You did.”

“Can you tell me more?” I asked, this was the first time I had wanted to know more about my life, no longer content with the fragments.

“It’s not fair to ask me that.”

“How about a hint?”

“Here is a deal. I will look outside if you give me a hint.”

He leaned in closer to me. Initially, I thought it was to deny my request, instead he pulled me closer to him and kissed my forehead. “I love you.”

For the first time, I felt hope. The face in my dreams, the kiss on the forehead confirms it. It was all Leon. 

“You would humour me before.” 

“You had a strange outlook on the clouds but you loved looking at them, coming up with the most absurd stories.” I recalled him giggling when I would say the wildest observations about the clouds, the face were no longer eyes but Leon’s face. If I could remember him even a little then I was sure he would remind me of the rest. Finally the world was bright and I thought that I could live that we could live. 

He slipped a matched band to his on my finger and smiled weakly. 

Fulfilling my promise and with a new sense of confidence, I drew open the curtains, expecting to see my blue sky. But that is not what stared back at me. 

The sky was a blood red. The streets weren’t the ones I grew up in, the buildings were falling and resembled rubble more than structures. There was no form of life beneath us. 

“It hasn’t got any better, I’m afraid. Everyone left.”

“We will follow them.”

“Mik, the infection spread. I don’t have much time left.”

“I got better.”

“And you’re the only one.”

“Why did you stay with me ?”

“I was sick too, ” he lied. 

“You liar, you should have left me.”

“I could never do that.”

“I will stay with you.”

“It is more dangerous. You don’t know this world, Mik. It gets worse every day, the air is toxic for most animals, they’re going wild. The longer you stay, the further everyone else gets. You won’t find them if you wait around for me. “


He rested his head on my shoulder and I felt a dampness on my t-shirt. “You have to,” he sobbed. 

I already decided that I would not leave him. Just like he refused me.


I wasn’t a happy child
This didn’t particularly bother me
Never did it make me go wild
Instead I felt somehow free
In all my never ending loneliness

My parents did no wrong in my upbringing
I was just weird
An anomaly or something
Other kids thought of me to be feared
So I never made a single friend

Not until I was nine
I noticed that she followed me for a while
I quickly claimed her as mine
My only friend who was always within a mile
We immediately took a liking to each other

My parents never took a liking like I did
But I think I loved her
She was a weird kid
Like me, we fit together
She was stranger and darker but that didn’t matter, not to me

I really needed her at night
When my parents used to fight
And tell me everything was gonna be alright
So I prayed she would be there with all my might
But she never did appear

For years we grew up by each other’s side
Her company was all I needed
Until she died
Or maybe she was alive
But she would never leave without saying goodbye

I miss her
I’ve made countless more friends
And a string of lovers
But no one meant anything compared to her
I miss my loneliness

Sometimes when I’m walking to work
Through the empty streets
Sometimes busy
I never notice anymore
But sometimes I swear from the corner of my eye that I see her

Lurking behind me that that shadowy figure
That I miss, I still miss her

I Really Don’t Give A Fuck

I don’t care if you are a boy or a girl or even something in between.
I don’t care if you are black or white or even bright purple.
I honestly do not care if you are gay or straight.
I don’t care what you have done in the past.
I care about what you will do in the future.
I care if you are a nice person. And not just nice to me, just a person who tries their hardest to be a good person.

Note: this may sound like a really stupid post or really random but it’s true. Nobody should be judged for being themselves. Even if you yourself don’t agree with their life choices, it’s not your life and not your place to judge them. I’m not saying you shouldn’t express yourself but next time you do just think about the other person and think about what you are saying.
Someone should not be discriminated against something they have no control over like race or sex. Sexuality included. People have enough on their minds. They can do what they want.
This doesn’t mean that you will see me protesting for gay rights simply because I find it unnecessary. They are people, they already have the right to do what they want. I support this idea that people, any people can do what they want (but I don’t condone anything illegal haha).

Working in Retail Has Made Me Lose Faith in Humanity

It sounds over dramatic. And rather brash. But it is the honest truth. Everyday that I work in this shop has actually made me lose my faith in humanity. Not only is it shitty customers but also a shitty boss. The idiocy that comes from some people actually makes me physically cringe in front of their very faces. But what’s worse than this is the smartasses that have superior look on their face.

I am no longer nice to my customers as I have no reason to be. Every now and then there will be a customer who you genuinely like but then that satisfaction is rather short lived as another ass hole walks through the door.

But it’s sad that even though it is something I do once a week, I still have to do it.

I hate my job and my boss and am probably the only teenager who dreads Saturday for the very reason of working.

Yep, I sound like a bitch. And I really don’t care.

Two Thousand and Fifteen

This year I decided to abandon new years resolutions because, let’s be honest, who really abides by them for more than a week. In the past years I have made the same resolutions, if you are at all curious then you can read them here.

Even though I refuse to make resolutions this year there are things I think everyone should do, which I thought of during the past year.

1. Make a bucket list. Cross off at least one thing.

2. Barely pass engineering.

3. A big cliché but be happy. If you look back on the year and aren’t happy with it then it’s your own fault so be happy. Being positive can make such an impact. So ditch the negative atmosphere and be happy, it really can be that simple.

4. This sounds self centred but put myself first. I’m not a people pleaser or anything but I wouldn’t do things i wanted to do purely because I would be too scared or didn’t have enough self confidence.

I did nothing in the last year becuase i thought i had time but I spent most of my year procrastinating. As you can tell not a lot has changed as it’s almost the end of January as I post this.

Time really does go fast and it’s just so strange to think how fast the year actually went. Despite the fact that it went so fast, time didn’t stop it moved fast that you don’t even realise until after reflection. From last year so much has changed. I’ve started university. Made whole new groups of friends. Lost some friends which seemed impossible at the beginning of 2014. I’ve grown (not in height unfortunately). I think I’ve become more confident and less awkward.

I don’t want to talk about our own mortality but you really start to question it as time goes by. You could be gone at any moment so we should choose today to be happy and stay happy. Also the fact that I’ve recently turned 19 and wondered what I’ve done with my life. If I really was gone today then what would I leave behind. A few quid from a job I hate but too lazy to find a new one. Unfinished coursework. Journals and diaries which I’d never allow anyone read. My memories, my mind, everything I have done life dies with me. It is not immortalised by no means. I have no words or achievements great enough to be immortal through history or even stories. So I want to live long enough to change that. This is not a new years resolution it is a lifelong goal.

Have an even better year than the last.

Feeling Good. Or Not.

I don’t know if anyone else feels like this but I do. Sometimes, I feel really great, as if things are finally turning out okay. Suddenly, I feel sad again. Nothing happens in between that time. I just feel sad for no reason. I try to remember why I was happy but, then, I can’t. Next thing I know I am laying down staring at the ceiling, questioning my whole existence. Why I am here. If anyone will miss me if I go tomorrow. Or what legacy I will leave behind.
It sounds a little extreme. Maybe you will even laugh at my sadness. But this is what being sad does to you. It makes you pathetic.

Writing Challenge: Day Seven

What is your favorite season? Use vivid details and even include memories you have of that season.

Autumn. The fact that it is right in between summer and winter, this means that at the start of autumn you can still wear t shirts with your skinny jeans but the gradual change in weather allows you to wear the snuggly jumpers, which you can feel the warm embrace.

In autumn, it gets darker quicker, I like that when I’m walking home, it’s oddly comforting. Just walking in the shadows of the night. As kids rush into their house to get there before the street lights are on, I walk slowly enjoying the empty streets. I like the solitude. Even dancing down the street with your headphones raging.

Sure, autumn is pretty with the leaves changing colour and falling. The leaves are dying but new ones will grow. That’s life. The colours are beautiful but it’s not the visual aesthetic that I like. It’s the cool breeze that rushes over you, you can feel it on your face, even though the rest of your body is wrapped up with your gloves and hat. The frost of winter coming, turning your nose pink. You are warm, even if it is like a freezer outside. The cold is oddly refreshing, however, when it gets too much to handle, you hold on to your friends to keep you warm.

Having hot chocolate or a good cup of tea. Getting the blankets and watching your favourite movies. Even when you are warm you still have ice cream because you can’t help yourself.

I love autumn. Changing my wardrobe. Buying the new clothes for my wardrobe. Being comfy. The feeling of eating warm food. Jumping in puddles when it rains, then immediately regretting it. Having an excuse not to exercise.
Celebrating halloween knowing that the snow will come soon along with Christmas.
Also, missing summer but you know that it will be around soon. Then, you can repeat this all over again.

Writing Challenge: Day Six

Start a piece with: “I am standing at my kitchen window…” (Be creative! Make the piece fit a specific genre such as mystery, horror, romance, etc.)

“I am standing at the kitchen window. I know that you can see me.” I was unsure of who I was talking to but someone was definitely there. Hiding in my garden. Squatting behind the trees. “Come out, otherwise I won’t hesitate to call the police.”
I hated the police. In bad areas, it’s usually down to the police. Where I live is a bad area. They don’t care when your house is robbed or if a neighbourhood boy is brutally beaten. They look the other and take bribes. They didn’t care when my wedding ring was stolen or when strangers are sitting in your garden.

I was lost in my hatred that I almost forgot the situation until I heard him. “No, you’re not”, said a voice from behind a plant.
“What makes you so sure I’ve got nothing to lose. Steal what you want I’ve got nothing of value here, anyway. Just leave my property. Leave me alone.”
“No,” the voice was louder, more confident and had more conviction. “I’m not here to steal.”
“Then, what do you wanna kill me for kicks? The angry lady who lives down the street by herself seems like an easy target. No one will miss her.”
“No, I’d never hurt you. Never.”
“That’s hard to believe from someone I don’t even know who I am talking to.”
“You know me.” A shadowy figure stepped out from the leaves.

I was still looking through the window. It was him. I’ve missed him for so many years and he stood in the garden. I still lived in the same house waiting for him to come back. Being depressed and staying in the house. I had lost my friends and my life because of that incident but, now, a part of that lost life has returned to me, right within my grasp.

I ran to the back door. Fumbling to unlock the door. I rushed to the garden as fast as I could, before I could wake up and realise it wasn’t real. Tears were streaming down my face and my vision was blurred but that didn’t stop me.

I crashed into my son’s arms just like when he was little and I used to comfort him. This time he rocked me in his arms, holding me tight. “Please dont”, he begged. That’s when I looked up and saw that his eyes were also glassy. “I’ll cry too but I’m so happy “. This only made the tears come out faster. There was a cold breeze that swept the surface. “It’s a cold night, let’s go in”, I said while wiping the last few tears with my sleeve.

He followed me into the house where I then locked the back doors immediately. I walked to the kettle and asked, :do you want tea?” He chuckled. “What’s so funny?” I asked
“It’s just in this situation, only you would worry about tea. You haven’t changed at all.”
“An old dog never learns new tricks. Besides, tea relaxes me.”
“I haven’t had a good cup of tea in a while.”
“Well, then you will get one now.”

He looked around the house. I could hear his footsteps walking on the floor whilst I was putting together some food. “Feel free to look upstairs, it hasn’t changed much or at all, for that matter.”
“It’s fine. I’m fine here. This is enough for now.”
I walked into the room with a tray of food and saw him flicking through our old picture album. He was much taller than before I only went up to his shoulder. Even his voice has changed to be unrecognisable.
I set the tray down in front of him. His eyes widened like when he was child. That’s one thing that will never change; his eyes.

He ate fast cramming the food down his throat. “No dear, savour the food because it’s not going anywhere”. He did what was instructed and just like that I felt like a mum again. The last four years disintegrated. We were as we always were.

I stared at him while he ate. “Why are you looking at me that?”
“You look just like your father,” I said with my eyes starting to fill with water again. “I just really missed you two. It’s lonely here. Even, your sister has a life of her own and she’s moved on from here. I miss seeing her everyday, as well.”
“You can live with her, she’s the type that always offers.”
“But if I go, how do you know where to visit me?”
“Well, I could go there instead”.
“But you don’t like seeing other people.
Why don’t you come back home. Live her for a while and settle down.”
“I can’t.”
“Why not? Where have you been. After your father died. You were 17 and your sister was 19, you were our rock. She was never good with feelings but you could always make us feel better, we needed you. I thought everything was eventually fine after two years but you left a note in your room. Saying ‘I’m going to find the truth. Just forget about me. I might not come back but ill try my hardest to see everyone again. That’s a promise.'”
I walked over to the fridge and grabbed the only piece of paper on it, held by a magnet which read ‘best mum’.
I chucked the piece of paper at him, but he just hung his head in shame. “How sad is that I don’t have any pictures that my kids drew on the fridge but I kept that note. I thought it was a suicide note or that you were dead but I kept it because I wanted to know the truth. So, what is the truth?”
He was still looking down at his toes with his knees trembling. His eyes were locked at his toes even when he stuttered out, “I don’t know. I’ve been gone for four years and I don’t fucking know. I’m not any closer than I was on the day I left.”
My maternal instincts couldn’t help but give him a big hug. I was still his mum after all. He wept. “I missed a lot. College. My sisters wedding and her graduation. My chance of being a good uncle. I left you guys alone for dad’s anniversaries.”
“But you are young you can still have that life. I’ll call your sister now.”
“No. I can’t do that. I may have not found the thing I was looking for but I found other things. Things which aren’t meant to be known.”
“What truth were you looking for? What was worth it?”
“It was dad.” Those words hurt me, however, I tried to brush it off. “Your father was a great man. But he died. He’s dead now.”
“That’s just the thing, mum, he didn’t just die. He was murdered. And to this day, six years later, we don’t know by who by or their motive.”
“It was probably just a mugger.”
“You know that isn’t true. Dad was a simple man. And it showed. He couldn’t even use a phone, let alone own one. He had the same jacket for eight years, so he clearly didn’t have enough money to be killed for. It wasn’t just a random person and occurrence, it was planned”.
It hurt the more he spoke about his father. I tried not to remember how they found his body in a puddle of blood mixed with water from the rain. In the cold and by himself.
“He took the same route for years so they knew where he would be and took that opportunity.”
“Who are they?”
“Exactly. And they know that I know. That’s why I can’t stop now.”
“You are starting to sound crazy.”
“You’re the one being crazy. You are allowing dad’s murderer to walk the streets. You aren’t even acknowledging the fact that it was planned.”
“No one would want to harm him. He was harmless and didn’t get involved in things of this nature, like you said he was a simple man.”
“Look at the evidence. Remember dad’s last few days, he seemed a little bit off. He worked in a company with this area’s dodgiest man. My thought is that he heard something he wasn’t meant to. Something a man of his calibre should have ever known, so they eliminated him because they saw him as a threat.”
“Please stop, I don’t want to lose you too. I’ve already lost your father. I don’t want you to suffer from the same fate. Why look for this so called truth, if this is the reason your father died? They would kill you and that will kill me.”
“I’ve got to know. And you are the reason I’m doing this. All of this. Everyone deserves the truth and I will find it. Dad needs to rest in peace, now.” There was a long silence. “I missed out important parts in your sister’s life from being depressed and locking myself in the house. You know, she married her childhood sweetheart and gave birth to twins.” This was the first time since I was diagnosed, that I acknowledged the fact I was depressed.
“I would have guessed she married him. Is she happy?”
“Yeah. She really is. Huh. I’ve been really sad that I didn’t even notice how happy your sister truly is.” I immediately had a huge grin on my face. “She tried desperately to get me to talk but no matter how hard she tried, I still couldn’t talk about your father or you.”
“Mum, please talk about dad. He would be upset if you can’t remember the happy memories. He never wanted you to be sad. Talk about him, cry a little or a lot. But then go out with your daughter and grandkids because I promise I’m coming back and I want to see everyone together.”
There was a silence because I knew he was right. I sat there still digging up those memories I’ve kept hidden. I didn’t cry because I remembered him, the man I fell in love with and no matter how much i missed him, I regret nothing. “I think this is a great place to end it at.”
“No, don’t go”, I grabbed his arm. “Come on, mum, I can’t stay here.” There was something in my heart that I knew I had to let him go.
“Fine but I got to know, are you taking care of yourself? Getting enough sleep, eating healthy, living.
“Yes, mum”, he scoffed just like a normal teenager.
However, I persisted, “but you were never much of a cook. You and your sister were both hopeless when it came to cooking or looking after yourself in general.”
“Hey, I’ve become a rather good cook. Not as good as you. I missed eating your food.”
“How about your life? Have you got plenty of friends?”
“I can’t believe I was going to leave without telling you”, he laughed.
“I met a girl. She’s lovely, she taught me a bit about cooking. Mum, you would love her. She’s so supportive and she always has something to say and she’s so smart. She is really annoying but really wonderful. But really I love her. Look at me rambling.”
“It’s sweet. You found her. Now never let her go.”
“I won’t, mum. We’re getting married when I figure it all out. When I know the truth. We’ve got a ring and everything.”
“I’m so happy for you.”
“When that happens, I can invite you and sis and her kids.” He looked at me, believing in his heart that will happen. He still had his child like mind. “I’m gonna go.”
“Don’t take ad long to visit me next time.”
“I won’t. I’ll come back in a few weeks no matter if I find out or not. I’ll be back. Promise.”
“Bye son. I love you. Stay safe.”
“You too, mum.”
I watched through the kitchen window as he walked back into the shadows. Out of the house but not out of my life. He will come back and soon, a mother knows.
I got on the phone and called my daughter. “Hey, hon, do you wanna come over for dinner tonight?”
“Yeah, sure, I’ll get my lazy husband to baby sit.”
“No. I want everyone to come you, the lazy husband, the kids. The more the merrier.”
“Sure, mum. That will be really nice. I could sense the confusion in her voice but she didn’t question me because she seemed genuinely happy. I’d never wanted to do the big family meals. I wanted to be alone because I thought I had no family, I did and they were always there.

Writing Challenge: Day Five

Day Five- Write about a dream or nightmare that you’ve had. Turn it into a short-short story.

I’ve had some pretty weird dreams but one particularly stuck out.

It was the strangest thing, waking up before your alarm especially when you are as lazy as me. I stretched out my arms and legs, whilst turning to see out out the window. Through the window there was no sun inhibiting the sky but it wasn’t dark either. Instead the sky was red, blood red. The sky was bleeding.

I reached to my dresser to grab my phone to check the time. The sky was probably a weird shade like this from an odd sunrise combined with pollutants. It was dead, I had it fully charged before I fell asleep. My dad’s old analogue watch was in my dresser, it read 10.01. “Fuck”, I said under my breath. My mum would be pissed if she heard me. I’m already late for work, I didn’t look in the mirror or putting my phone on charge.

I scrambled out of bed and hurried to my closet where I pulled out a bunch of clothes and picked out any that looked barely presentable. I ran to the bathroom and quickly grabbed my toothbrush and washed my face, still not checking the mirror because I knew I wasn’t presentable.

No one was home. If you have three siblings then they tend to make a lot of noise, especially on Saturday. They play their tv shows or music really loud, something that constantly has the neighbours complaining.
On a usual Saturday my parents wake us all up to eat breakfast together. It’s always a disaster but we continue to do it every week. It concludes with me rushing to work.
However, on this Saturday, no one was home. They didn’t tell me, didn’t wake me, they didn’t even leave a note on the fridge.

I walked around the house not noticing before how my footsteps echoed when I walked on the wooden floor. They house look dull today not like a home. There was dust, a lot of dust even though mum was very concerned with keeping it clean (okay, she was totally OCD). Nothing in the house had changed but it seemed as if no one had been living in it, it was dirty, cold and empty.

I rushed out of the house because the house was freaking me out. I had to get air, maybe I’ll see a familiar face I thought and they’ll know where everyone is. I looked at the outside of my house; the paint was peeling, the drive was overgrown with weeds there was rubble on the path. My house was the only one that was familiar.
There were no other houses around, they were there when I went to sleep and now there is nothing. There are some pieces of technology and rubble scattered but other than that is nothing. Nothing and no one.

There was no mum. No dad. No little sister. No big brother. And no little brother. There was only me. I trudged back into the house. From there I learnt that there is no electricity, obviously. No running water. No food. And nothing to do. There were no answers to my never ending questions.

I saw something blinking from the corner of my eye. A device that plays videos with a small percentage of battery remaining. I was so surprised something worked, curiosity and anxiety spiralled through my body. Then I pressed play.
“Honey”, it was mum, her voice, it was really her. “I’m so sorry, honey, but they said that we couldn’t take you. We are really are sorry but they’ll keep you safe and well be back for you soon. Real soon. If you are listening, we love you. Our love will always reach you no matter where we are. We are never too far. We’ll be there soon to explain it, until then hang tight.”
My dad’s voice chimed in, a unfamiliar tone. His voice low and cracking. “Your mother said it, baby. But you’re strong so use that. Use your brain and don’t do anything stupid, just wait for us.”
It panned to my brothers and sisters all saying their goodbyes. Or goodbyes for now. They were no longer here though. Before it could finish it cut off. The stupid device died.

I don’t know what’s out there and I don’t know what’s going on. But I’ll survive until they come back. Because they will. They promised.